Is Antony Starr a Nice Guy? What Is He Like in Real Life? Reddit Update!

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Is Antony Starr a Nice Guy? What Is He Like in Real Life? Reddit Update!

Whether or not Antony Starr is a nice guy in real life has been a subject of discussion among many The Boys viewers. They wonder if he is anything like his character, Homelander. Well, here is what Reddit users think.

The Boys on Amazon Prime Video is a popular superhero television series based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book of the same name. The series takes a darker, more skeptical look at the superhero genre. The plot takes place in a universe where superheroes, who are part of a huge corporation called Vought International, abuse their powers and act recklessly.

Homelander is one of the main characters on the show. He is the head of The Seven, a superhero team owned and operated by the business Vought International. He is the most powerful and prominent member. Additionally, he is also shown as the most arrogant, egoistic, and cruel character.

On the other hand, we have found that many people have been curious to know what the Homelander actor, Antony Starr, is like in real life. Is he similar to his character? Or is he a nice guy? Let’s find it out.

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Antony Starr Appears to Be a Nice Guy but Has a Record of Assaulting a Boy!

It would be unjustified to judge actors by their characters on TV shows or movies. Similarly, it would not be fair to conclude that the Homelander actor, Antony Starr (@toni.starr), is similar to his character. Does that mean he is a nice guy in real life?

Well, the answer is subjective. Pretty sure he does not act the same with everyone. While some might find him a nice guy, others might not. After all, we don’t know him personally.

However, his co-stars appear to love him. They have expressed their love for the actor despite his lack of punctuality in multiple interviews. We should not forget that he is a very professional actor and everything he does on screen is completely in the hands of the creators. It’s not like he was chosen to play the role because of his personality in real life.

The Boys co-stars claim they love Antony Starr. blurred-reality.comThe Boys co-stars claim they love Antony Starr.
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However, he does have a record of assaulting a boy. In 2022, he punched a 21-year-old boy twice while filming a movie directed by Guy Ritchie. The boy needed 4 stitches to close the cut on his forehead. We’ve no idea what led to the situation. He was later arrested by the Spain police. Starr received a 12-month suspended prison term after a quick trial. He was also fined £4,000 for his actions.

In conclusion, it’s up to you to conclude whether or not Antony Starr is a nice guy. We don’t think he is anywhere near to his character on The Boys. God knows!! We shall find it in the future.

Reddit Discusses What Antony Starr Is Like in Real Life!

A Reddit user clarified why he thinks Antony Starr is a nice guy. blurred-reality.comA Reddit user clarified why he thinks Antony Starr is a nice guy.
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Previously, there was news all over the Internet that Antony Starr is a di*k in real life. A ” longtime fan” started a Reddit discussion to note why he does not think the allegations are true. He listed out the points,

1) In the same video that people keep mentioning, the cast is asked “Who’s most likely to initiate a hangout after work?” Everybody replies “Tony Starr”. If his work colleagues really couldn’t stand him, would they really answer his calls for hangouts after work? Here’s the video.

2) Erin Moriarty is very good friends with Starr. I specifically remember that she left her dogs once in his care and that they were surprised multiple times hanging out together.

3) Ulrich Thomsen, another main actor from Banshee, invited him to play in the movie he wrote called Gutterbeebefore Starr got famous due to “The Boys”. If they were in anything less than “very friendly” terms after Banshee was done, would he have done this?

4) A lot of friendly exchanges on Twitter with Hoon Lee, a fellow Banshee actor

5) A lot of Comic Con positive interactions I’ve read about online

6) Starr is usually quick to comment on Twitter about show fan art and to fans in general

Furthermore, a lot of people added their viewpoints. Click here to check the Reddit discussion.