Imogen Sellers’ Weight Loss: The BBC Points West Reporter’s Illness Update!

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Imogen Sellers’ Weight Loss: The BBC Points West Reporter’s Illness Update!

Imogen Sellers has undergone a massive weight loss transformation in recent years. While many people wonder if she is suffering from any kind of illness, the BBC Points West reporter has not revealed any information about her transformation. 

You probably know Imogen Sellers if you live in the West of England. The TV presenter joined BBC‘s Points West in 2001 and has been a regular face on the show. We can say that BBC has been her second home.

You have certainly noticed Imogen’s drastic change in appearance if you have watched her from the beginning of her career or at least in the early 2010s. The heavy-looking reporter has lost a lot of weight in recent years. Some people even claim to unrecognize her. As a result, many people have been curious to know about her weight loss journey. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Imogen Sellers’ Weight Loss: The BBC Points West Reporter Looks a Lot Slimmer These Days!

If you’ve watched Imogen Sellers from the time she started her career on Points West on BBC, you know that she has undergone a massive weight loss transformation. The once puffy and swollen-looking reporter now looks a lot leaner in her recent appearance.

Imogen Sellers after weight loss.

Imogen Sellers after weight loss.
Source: BBC

However, we have yet to determine the reason behind her transformation. Imogen has never opened up about her weight. Additionally, she also does not appear to have public social media account. As a result, we are compelled to assume about her weight loss transformation, and our experts have made a few speculations about her new appearance.

Firstly, we believe her diet and exercise routine might be the key to her transformation. Without tracking what you’re eating, it’s almost impossible to both lose and gain weight. In Imogen Sellers’ case, there’s a high chance that she might be in a calorie deficit. We think she is now aware of what she is eating and what she has to do in order to maintain her weight. After all, diet and exercise are the best natural way if you want to change your physique.

Similarly, there’s also a high chance that she might have taken surgical help in order to get rid of her extra pounds. Procedures like gastric sleeves and gastric bypass help you to lose significant weight instantly. A lot of celebrities and TV personalities have revealed this way as a secret to their transformation.

On the other hand, there’s a slight chance her health might also be one of the reasons she is losing weight gradually. Some illnesses and medications lead you to lose weight.

Imogen Sellers' latest appearance.

Imogen Sellers’ latest appearance.
Source: TV Newsroom

As of now, we’re uncertain of how Imogen Sellers was able to lose weight. We have to keep in mind that all of the above information is completely based on our speculation. However, we promise we’ll get back to you as soon as we get any further information about her weight loss journey.

Imogen Sellers’ Career!

Imogen Sellers has been hired by the BBC since January 2001. She frequently presents the morning news and fills in for Susan at 6.30 sometimes. She likes covering the Bath region alongside Ali Vowles and covering neighborhood activities.

Her family resided for three years in Papua New Guinea, where she was born and raised in Somerset. Imogen has been a fan of the show, Points West, ever since she was a young girl. She has covered a variety of topics since joining the team and enjoys how every day is different. During an interview, she said the following when she was asked to give advice for people wanting to get into the broadcasting world:

Don’t give up. Write letters, ring up editors, offer to work for free, get work published or broadcast in local papers, on websites, on radio. Be a pain and show you really, really want to do it. I got 52 rejection letters when I first left Journalism college – but the 53rd was a yes!