Find out if Ian Ousley Is Dating Dallas Liu!

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Find out if Ian Ousley Is Dating Dallas Liu! – Ever since Dallas Liu referred to Ian Ousley as his boyfriend, fans have taken to social media to discuss whether Ian is into men. However, the Sokka actor has never mentioned anything about his sexuality.

Ian Ousley is a talented actor, model, social media influencer, and voiceover artist who rose to prominence after playing the role of Sokka in the Netflix live-action series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

He has been a popular name ever since it was announced he would be part of the cast of the Netflix series in 2021. Despite the allegation of enrolling in a fake tribe, the showrunners believe he perfectly played the role of a funny yet supportive companion of Aang.

While Ian continues to receive both praise and criticism, we have found that another part of his life is also trending on the Internet. There’s a rumor circulating that he is not straight as his co-star, Dallas Liu, recently referred to Ian as his boyfriend. Well, let’s find out what the fuss is all about.

All About Ian Ousley’s Sexuality

The recent interview of Dallas Liu with Deadline, in which he referred to Ian Ousley as his boyfriend, has led many fans to believe the Sokka actor is gay.

Even though Ian had nothing to do and has never made any comment about his sexuality, many fans are convinced that he and Dallas are having a romance. People claim that Liu’s interview clearly indicated that they are dating. When asked about his wildest experience on set, Dallas said that it was his closeness with Ian and even referred to him as his boyfriend:

Yeah, so he’s basically my boyfriend now, Imma be honest witchu. You guys can start shipping Zukka! 

We sort of had mutuals prior to filming and then once we started boot camp and training we started hanging out everyday, stay at each other’s places overnight, watch music videos and then we’re like yeah we have to become roommates. It’d be stupid not to.

The interviewer, curious about their connection, asked further questions, to which Dallas added,

Almost too close I would say. Dude po*ps with the door open. Okay no! That was a lie, that was a lie! I, he, he’s gonna kill me. That was a lie. Put that on the record, that was a lie. (Laughs)

Well, the clip has gone viral all over the Internet, especially on TikTok. Fans believe the two co-stars are having a secret relationship but do not want to share it with the public.

elieve Ian Ousley is gay, Ian has yet to clarify his sexuality. blurred-reality.comIan has yet to clarify his sexuality. 
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However, Liu’s interview alone isn’t enough to conclude that the Sokka actor is into men. Since Liu is a very fun-loving and unserious person, there is a high chance he was just teasing at the time. Well, we shall find it in the future.

Reddit Reacts to Ian Ousley & Dallas Liu’s Possible Romance

While both Ian Ousley and Dallas Liu have not clarified their sexuality, some Reddit users are convinced that they are dating. One user posted Liu’s interview with Deadline and many users found it sus. One user wrote,

Honestly wouldn’t be totally surprised if they did date.

Ian Ousley and Dallas Liu are close but it's unclear if they are dating. blurred-reality.comIan Ousley and Dallas Liu are close but it’s unclear if they are dating. 
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However, many of them believe Dallas was just teasing and having fun. One user even referred to them as brothers:

It’s so wild to me as a millennial two straight guys are so comfortable with joking around like this. 😂 I’d never see it in my generation 10 years ago. Love how close they both are though. Seem like they’ve become like brothers! ❤️

Well, it seems fans are divided into two sides with some believing they are dating and others believing they’re just very close friends.