Examining Dallas Liu’s Connection With Ian Ousley

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Examining Dallas Liu’s Connection With Ian Ousley blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Dallas Liu’s sexuality has been a subject of discussion after he recently referred to Ian Ousley as his boyfriend. Even though he said he was lying at the end, there’s something that tells us that he wasn’t.

The long-awaited Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series has finally arrived on Netflix. Throughout eight episodes, viewers follow Aang, the youthful Avatar and the last surviving Airbender, on his quest to master the four elements (water, earth, fire, and air) in order to save the world from the evil Fire Nation.

While the series is getting all the attention, appreciation, and some criticism, we have found that Dallas Liu, who plays the role of the antagonist Zuko, is making headlines as there’s a rumor flooding across the Internet, especially in TikTok, that he is dating the Sokka actor, Ian Ousley, who is accused of faking his tribe to secure the role. As a result, many fans wonder if he is into men. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Dallas Liu’s Sexuality Is Under Investigation Following His Claim to Be Very Close With Ian Ousley

Dallas Liu’s recent interview with Deadline has led many fans convinced that he is gay as he says, “He’s [Ian Ousley] basically my boyfriend now.”

During the premiere of the show, Dallas looked very confident and was having fun in every possible way. While everything seemed normal, his conversation with Deadline took things the other way. When asked about his wildest experience on set, he said,

My wildest experience on set was becoming roommates with Ian Ousley… Yeah, I mean, he’s basically my boyfriend now

The gay allegation sparked after Dallas Liu referred to Ian Ousley as his boyfriend. blurred-reality.com Dallas Liu recently referred to Ian Ousley as his boyfriend. 
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As if that wasn’t enough, the interviewers further inquired about their connection to which Dallas added,

Almost too close, I would say. He p*ops with the door open.

And that’s it. The interview was enough to convince many people that he is not straight and is having a romance with Isan Ousley. Fans have taken the clip to every social media, especially on TikTok, and made Gen Z videos about their possible romance.

However, many are unaware that he said everything was a lie at the end of the interview. In conclusion, we can say there is no confirmation on whether or not Dallas is into men at the moment. We’ll have to watch out for both Dallas and Ian to know what the truth is.

Here Is What Tells Us That Dallas Liu Is Not Straight

Even though Dallas Liu said that everything was a lie when he talked about being close with co-star Ian Ousley, there’s something that tells that he is not straight but does not want to reveal it to the public. 

At the end of the interview with Deadline, he said everything was a lie almost sounding like Ian has restricted him from sharing their possible romance with the public. He said,

 Okay, no, that was a lie, that was a lie. I, he, he’s gonna kill me, that was a lie. Put that on the record, that was a lie.

The way he said the above statement kinds sounds suspicious. Maybe or maybe not, they might not be ready to come out of the closet yet.

It's unclear whether or not Dallas Liu is gay at the moment. blurred-reality.comIt’s unclear whether or not Dallas Liu is straight.
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However, things are completely different for fans. They are very happy to spread the rumor that Ian and Dallas are dating. While we don’t think what surfaces on the Internet really matter, we believe we should be conscious and careful about the actor’s sentiments.

On the other hand, there’s a high chance Dallas was really lying about his “more-than-friendship” connection with Ian Ousley as he said. They might be nothing but just close friends. We shall find it in the future.


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