JJK: How Did Utahime Get Her Scar? What Happened to Her Face? Reddit

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JJK: How Did Utahime Get Her Scar? What Happened to Her Face? Reddit blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – As of this writing, neither the series nor the manga has revealed anything about how Utahime Iori got the scar or what happened to her face in JJK. While we do know that she got it sometime between 2006 and 2018, nothing precise has been revealed yet. Well, here is what Reddit thinks.

Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) season 2 is now streaming. 20 episodes of the second season have been released so far. Episode #21 is set to start into the Shibuya Incident’s next great clash, with episode #20 providing viewers with some optimism after the terrible events preceding it. Based on the animation in episode #20, this fight could rival Sukuna’s battles earlier in the arc. If it is, the Shibuya Incident arc might end on a high note.

On the other hand, we have recently found that many people have been wanting to know about the scar on Utahime Iori‘s face. In case you’re unaware, she is a student supervisor at Kyoto Jujutsu High School and a semi-grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer.

Even though Utahime has very little screen time on JJK, viewers have observed the scar on her face and are interested to know how she got it. Well, let’s find it out together.

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Neither the Series nor the Manga Has Revealed Anything About How Utahime Got Her Scar in JJK!

You might have noticed that Utahime has an evident scar on the right side of her face. This has left many Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) viewers wondering what happened to her face. However, neither the series nor the manga has provided any backstory on how she got the scar.

Even though nothing precise about Utahime’s scar has been revealed yet, we do know that she got it sometime between the Hidden Inventory arc (2006) and the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 (2018).

It's unclear how Utahime got the scar on her face. blurred-reality.comIt’s unclear how Utahime got the scar on her face.
Image Source: MAPPA

According to the timeline, she got her scar while working as a jujutsu sorceress. This is because of Gojo‘s Past Arc, which takes place in 2006 and features Utahime. She was a student at the time, like Gojo, Geto, and Ieiri, and she was assigned to a mission in a haunted home with Mei Mei. We got to see a younger version of her because she was still a student at the time, and she was – believe it or not – without her signature scar!

She was dressed the same, had a different hairdo, and had the same attitude (as well as the same relationship with Gojo! ), but the scar was gone. Because we didn’t see her in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, we can’t say if she had it in 2016 or 2017, but in 2018, when she was first shown in the present timeline, she had her scar, and it wasn’t a new one, implying that she’d had it for a while.

This means she got her scar anytime between 2006 and 2018, but because we’re talking about a 12-year timeframe, we can’t identify the precise moment she got it. We hope to find it in the future.

Reddit Users Disappointed With the Creators of JJK for Not Including Utahime More in the Storyline!

Utahime is from the same generation as Gojo and is one of the most neglected female characters in JJK. While most of the male characters receive a lot of attention, Utahime is sidelined.

It’s a shame that fans don’t get to see her do anything major in the plot. She may not be the strongest of the bunch, but providing her any function to justify her inclusion in the series is vital, yet the author once again falls short.

Many viewers are disappointed about Utahime's screen time in JJK. blurred-reality.comMany viewers are disappointed about Utahime’s screen time in JJK.
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On the other hand, some Reddit users have expressed their disappointment with both the mange and series for not including Utahime more in the storyline as well as not revealing how she got the scar. One user wrote,

Yeah I feel like they can’t give her a scar, mention scars on female sorcerers and then not explain how Utahime got her scar lol. I really hope we get to find out more about her (and Shoko)

Similarly, another wrote,

Actually Gege said in the latest interview that there isn’t a whole lot of backstories behind her scar because it’s common for sorcerers to get scars here and there. I’m kinda disappointed if that’s really the case and really hope that she gets a lot more character development