GTA 6: Who Is the Mud Girl? Reddit Update!

Bikram Karki

GTA 6: Who Is the Mud Girl? Reddit Update!

The mud girl from the GTA 6 trailer has been getting a lot of attention. The girl is seen wearing a bikini with an American flag. While we’re unsure who the girl is, one Reddit user guesses she is Tracey from GTA 5.

Since 1997, GTA has been selling like maniacs while igniting controversy with its over-the-top, R-rated material. It’s been a decade since the previous Grand Theft Auto game, and fans finally got what they wanted. No, not a new game, but an actual trailer with a release date.

After more than a decade of speculation, fans have finally gotten their first look at Grand Theft Auto VI’s upcoming release. Because of a leak, Rockstar Games, the company behind GTA, had to release the trailer a day earlier than anticipated. The video, which lasts one minute and thirty seconds, confirms that the game will be released in 2025 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X/S.

Even though it’s just a minute-and-a-half video, fans didn’t leave any space to examine the trailer in detail. And we have discovered that a lot of people have been wanting to know about the mud girl wearing an American bikini. Well, let’s get started.

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Who Is the Mud Girl From the GTA 6 Trailer?

It is too soon to make a conclusion about who the mud girl from the trailer of GTA 6 is. The creators have revealed nothing except releasing the minute-and-a-half trailer. Among all the other characters, we only know that Lucia and Jason are protagonists of the new edition.

Wearing a bikini with an American flag, we see the mud girl and her friends enjoying walking in the dirt. Along with them, we also see a lot of other people enjoying in the mud and water in the background. Additionally, we also see off-road vehicles.

As indicated by the watermark in the clip, we believe the place is called Thrillbilly Mud Club. It happens to be a mud-based park where people can drive ATVs and other off-road vehicles around several obstacle courses.

On the other hand, a user on Reddit believes the mud girl could be Tracey, one of the main characters in the fifth edition of GTA. While we agree the two characters appear to be the same, it is too early make a conclusion. Let’s not forget that we once thought Michael was Tommy Vercetti, the black dude running from the cops was CJ and the hobo was Niko after the trailer of GTA 5 was dropped.

One Reddit user believes the mud girl is Tracey. blurred-reality.comOne Reddit user believes the mud girl is Tracey.
Image Source: Rockstar Games

Well, we are uncertain of who the mud girl is for now. There’s more than a year left for GTA 6 to be released, so, we’re sure the creators will provide some more information about her in the coming days. We will definitely update you as soon as we get any information.

Meet Lucia, the Protagonist of GTA 6!

Lucia isn't the first protagonist of the GTA franchise. blurred-reality.comLucia isn’t the first protagonist of the GTA franchise.
Image Source: Rockstar Games

Lucia is a Latina woman who has been imprisoned for a string of “bad luck.” She appears sharp and self-effacing, which are both desirable attributes in a protagonist. The stakes are high for Lucia, both in the game and in a broader societal context; she is the first female protagonist in the GTA franchise’s history, as well as a woman of color.

The Internet is currently debating whether Lucia and the girl in the string bikini at the pool party are the same person. They’re attempting to match birthmarks to make their case, which speaks something about the game’s degree of detail—that such a thing is even conceivable.

Given the series’ history with leading ladies, her popularity is extremely significant and worthy of appreciation. While some have lauded her as the first female protagonist in GTA history, this is not the case – both the original GTA and GTA 2 (well, the GBC version) had playable girls, and GTA Online allows players to create a custom character who can be male or female.