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How Accurate Is Life on Our Planet? Reddit Update!

Oct 29, 2023 @ 3:00 EDT
How Accurate Is Life on Our Planet? Reddit Update!

Many viewers, especially on Reddit wonder how accurate Life on Our Planet is. Since the docuseries explores a 4 billion-year journey of different species, it's hard to conclude what the truth is and what isn't. However, everything is based on scientific research.

Life on Our Planet is a new documentary series on Netflix that chronicles the efforts of many species to survive on Earth. The docuseries introduces viewers to extinct animals and predators from prehistoric times through imaginative storytelling.

Produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television, the docuseries promises an intriguing look back at the past of the creatures that formerly inhabited our territory.

On the other hand, many viewers, especially on Reddit, have been wondering about the accuracy of the show. They wonder what accurate is and what CGI is. Well, we've got you covered.

Previously, we touched on Allosaurus.

Life on Our Planet: How Accurate Is the Netflix Docuseries?

Life on Our Planet explores a 4 billion-year journey on Earth. It examines the existence of species that evolved, survived, and in many cases, became extinct. Therefore, it's near impossible to conclude how accurate the Netflix docuseries is.

However, one cannot deny but agree with scientific facts. Everything shown on the show is based on claims made by scientists after research of decades. Thus, we can assume most of the stories if not all carry some truth. Also, let's not forget the fact that it took nearly 5 years in the making of Life on Our Planet.

Life on Our Planet took nearly 5 years in the making. blurred-reality.comLife on Our Planet took nearly 5 years in the making.
Image Source: Netflix

Keith Scholey and Alastair Fothergill, who serve as producers of the show, had previously collaborated with their hero David Attenborough on shows like Our Planet. It was only fitting that the legendary figure in natural history served as the inspiration for the pair's most ambitious undertaking to date. Scoley explained,

We remembered [Attenborough’s] first-ever series, Life on Earth, which was way back in 1979 when Alastair and I were university students. That series made waves at the time, but no one had touched that subject since. The reason why it has been ignored is that it’s too hard! It’s too big a story to tell. But we love a challenge, and feeling that we could overcome those hurdles, we decided we must try.

Modern nature photography and ground-breaking visual effects are combined to convey the epic story of how life has indeed found a way in this Netflix series. It creates evolutionary connections between some of the most fascinating creatures of today and the extinct beasts of the past by using some time-hopping a la Christopher Nolan and centering the action around five big mass extinction events.

Who Narrates Life on Our Planet?

The 86-year-old actor Morgan Freeman (@morganfreeman) serves as the narrator of Life on Our Planet. Arguably one of the most famous voices in Hollywood, Morgan's voice is incredibly distinctive and deep. The Oscar-winning actor has made numerous appearances in well-known films, such as Million Dollar Baby, Driving Miss Daisy, and Invictus.

Morgan Freeman is the narrator of Life on Our Planet. blurred-reality.comMorgan Freeman is the narrator of Life on Our Planet.
Image Source: Instagram

Not surprisingly, Morgan has a distinctive, rich, and calming voice, which is why many other movies have had him tell the story. Many have compared his voice to the voice of "God." He has provided the narration for numerous TV shows, including Our Universe, March of the Penguins, and 100 Years of Warner Bros.

Just so you know, voice apart, Morgan Freeman is incredibly popular and regarded as a national treasure. While he has been in a slew of films, he has also built a reputation for himself as a narrator. Of course, viewers took no time to praise his narration on different platforms.

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