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Hamish Blake’s Children: What Is Blake’s Daughter’s Name?

Oct 24, 2023 @ 15:13 EDT
Hamish Blake’s Children: What Is Blake’s Daughter’s Name?

Hamish Blake and his wife Zoe Foster Blake started their journey sticking to the friend zone but eventually ended up co-parenting two adorable children: a daughter, Rudy, and a son, Sonny. The couple has their love language for their children. Hamish loves to surprise them with homemade cake, while Zoe loves to write a book for them.

Hamish Donald Blake, also known as Hamish Blake, is an Australian comedian, television and radio presenter, actor, and author. He began his career in comedy by participating in a competition at the university, where he earned third place. Recently, he has been in the news after he told a joke about doctors. What did he say?

Hamish jokes have hurt many doctors, and fans wanted an apology from the comedian. After facing negative comments about his children and family, Hamish has finally taken a step and apologized for his joke. He said that he is sorry; he thinks it's a very, very easy choice to apologize because everyone loves doctors and would love to see one again.

After the joke Hmaish said about the doctors, many people have started including children and family in negative comments. In this article, we will be talking about his daughter, wife, personal life, and his children's names. To learn more, read this article.

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Hamish Blake Loves to Surprise His Children With Homemade Cake!

Hamish Blake (@hamishblakeshotz) is not just known for his comedy and entertainment but also is renowned for being a dedicated father to his children. Talking about his personal life, he has a wife, Zoe Foster Blake a renowned author and beauty expert with whom he has two children; a daughter, Rudy, and a son, Sonny. While Hamish loves to make a cake for his kids, Zoe loves to write books for her children.

Hamish Blake and his wife are also known as a co-authored book, Textbook Romance. blurred-reality.comHamish Blake and his wife are also known as a co-authored book, Textbook Romance
Image Source: Instagram

Hamis and his wife were in a friend zone for six years before getting married in December 2012.  The couple is also known as a co-authored book called Textbook Romance. Almost a year into their marriage they started planning for their children and announced that they were expecting their first baby and welcomed him on 10 May 2014 and named him, Sonny Donald Blake.

What Is Hamish Blake’s Children’s Name? Does He Have a Daughter Named Rudy? What Kind of Problem Did Hamish’s Wife Face During Pregnancy?

Hamish Blake's wife Zoe had gone through some medical problems throughout her first pregnancy. Also, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, with severe chronic pain which was misdiagnosed multiple times. During an interview, she even talked about her problem and stated;

I couldn't walk for longer than ten minutes and it took too many exercises, much frustration, two years of osteopathy, pilates and myotherapy to heal my pubis and get my glutes, core and pelvis presley strong again.

Although Hamis's wife faced the pain involved in the first pregnancy, she was again prepared for the next time. The couple took a gap of two to maintain their children's age gap. They announced their second pregnancy in 2016 and hoped to have a daughter. Their wish seems to be granted and the couple welcomed their second child Rudy on 17 July 2017.

Hamish Blake is a father of two children. blurred-reality.comHamish Blake is a father of two children.
Image Sorce: Instagram

Zoe also explained about her experience with her children and said that the second pregnancy was very easy. She knew better at it in round two, and she didn't panic about every weird twinge in her second pregnancy. She also talked about being busy with her son during her second pregnancy; she forgot how many weeks she was and that she needed to set up a room or buy clothes for the incoming child. She also stated;

I expected the pain to f**k right off once I’d released the human in my uterus, but post-partum the pain was even worse: I couldn’t walk for longer than 10 minutes, and it took many exercises, much frustration, two years (and about a million dollars) of osteopathy, pilates and myotherapy to heal my pubis, and get my glutes, core, and pelvis presley strong again.

Has Hamish Blake Published Any Children’s Books? What Did His Son’s Birthday Cake Look Like?

The age gap between the two Hamish Blake and Zoe children is 3 years, Sonny is 8 years old and the daughter Rudy is 6 years old.  Hamish seems to be very stressed about his children. He even stressed out during an interview with Will Anderson for his podcast Wilosophy and talked about how much of his parenting philosophy comes down to the concept of memory-making.

Talking about Hamish's obsession with homemade cake, his Instagram highlight is all about cakes. He has made cakes for his children and surprised them with their favorite shapes on their birthdays. His famous shapes are avatar-shaped cakes for his son and cube-shaped cakes for his daughter.

While Hamish's love language seems to be making cakes for his children, Hmais's wife, Zoe's love language, is writing a book for her children. She published her first children's picture book, No One Likes a Fart, which won the 2018 Australian Book Industry (ABIA) Awards for Children's Picture Book of the Year.

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