Why Is Rex Ryan Teeth Too White? Did He Use Veneers? Before & After Photos Compared!

Shreeyantra Rai

Why Is Rex Ryan Teeth Too White? Did He Use Veneers? Before & After Photos Compared! blurred-reality.com

Compared to his before and after photos, Rex Ryan’s teeth are way too white these days. It even resulted in memes all over social media. However, he didn’t use veneers to grow them. He just received teeth whitening.

Rex Ashley Ryan is an American professional football coach and analyst who was previously the head coach of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, as well as holding numerous coaching jobs with seven other NFL and college teams. Furthermore, he and his fraternal twin brother, Rob Ryan are the sons of former head coach, Buddy Ryan.

Ryan had always wanted to be a professional football coach, like his father. S0, he spent the majority of his childhood in Canada before returning to the United States as a teenager to attend college at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. He then spent the following 22 years as an assistant coach on several teams at both the college and professional levels.

But aside from his football expertise, Rex Ryan has also attracted attention for his drastic transformation of his teeth. Many people claim his teeth are way too white than a normal person’s. So, if you are curious to know the real reason behind his whiter teeth, here is what we’ve discovered.

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Rex Ryan Admits to Using Teeth Whitening to Boost His Smile and Dental Hygiene!

If you know Rex Ryan, you may have noticed that his teeth have recently become far too white, and many NFL fans are noticing it everywhere including memes over social media. The former New York Jets head coach began the 2023 season by flashing his pearly whites. They did not go unnoticed by fans watching at home.

Rex Ryan openly admits to whitening his teeth. blurred-reality.comRex Ryan openly admits to whitening his teeth.
Image Source: New York Post


Compared to Ryan’s before and after teeth, his teeth were stained and discolored because of his tobacco addiction. He enjoyed chewing tobacco, which had an impact on his appearance and dental health. His teeth were notably yellow and dull, which contrasted with his charisma and demeanor.

But Rex Ryan shocked everyone when he showed up with pearly white teeth that made him appear younger and in better health. Many people suspected that he might have undergone some dental operations to create such a transformation.

However, the 60-year-old coach later admitted to having teeth whitening done to boost his smile and dental hygiene. But he made no mention of any other procedures he used, such as veneers or caps. His close friends and colleagues mocked him about his new teeth, which he laughed off.

However, Rex Ryan’s teeth transformation has been an amazing story of how he transformed his appearance and health by using dental services. He is now content with his bright smile and his prosperous career as an analyst. He also encourages others to take care of themselves and their smiles because it can make a great impact on their life.

More About Rex Ryan’s Decision to Make His Health & Appearance Better!

Rex Ryan‘s teeth transformation is a reflection of his total health and well-being, not just an aesthetic improvement. Ryan has also shed a large amount of weight, which he credits to lap-band surgery in 2010. He claimed that he tried numerous diets and exercises without success until he decided to get the operation.

Rex Ryan underwent lap-band surgery and teeth whitening to improve his appearance. blurred-reality.comRex Ryan underwent lap-band surgery and teeth whitening to improve his appearance.  
Image Source: FOX 8 News

The 60-year-old coach took care of himself and his looks by losing weight and whitening his teeth. He stated that he desired to be healthier and happier and that he felt more confident and at ease with his new appearance. He also stated that he wished to set a good example for his family and followers, as well as to motivate others to make great changes in their lives.

Ryan’s teeth Transformation demonstrates his perseverance and fortitude. He overcame his tobacco addiction, which he found difficult. In his coaching career, he experienced hardships and criticism, but he never gave up on his enthusiasm and aspirations. He currently enjoys his work as an analyst and commentator, where he shares his football views and ideas.

Rex Ryan’s teeth transformation also serves as a reminder that with the assistance of skilled dental treatments, anyone can obtain their ideal smile. Teeth whitening is a common and safe technique that can improve the look and health of the teeth. It can erase stains produced by tobacco, coffee, wine, or other circumstances, making the teeth appear brighter and more appealing.

Teeth whitening can also increase self-esteem and confidence through improving facial expression and communication. It can make one feel more at ease and content with their grin, which can improve their personal and professional relationships.

If you’re interested in teeth whitening or other dental procedures, talk to your dentist or go to a reputed dental facility near you. They can provide you with a variety of options and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and tastes. They can also provide you with advice and pointers on how to keep your teeth clean and avoid future stains or problems.