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Glenn Kelman’s Wife: Who Is the Buy My House Cast Married To? Know More About the CEO of Redfin!

Sep 4, 2022 @ 12:11 EDT
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Glenn Kelman’s Wife: Who Is the Buy My House Cast Married To? Know More About the CEO of Redfin!

Glenn Kelman, one of the cast members of Netflix's Buy My House, is reportedly married to his wife, Sylvia Lee Kelman. As the CEO of Redfin keeps his personal details private, no further information about his wife or marriage has been revealed yet. However, we do know that the couple has been together for a long time and has a son together.

The real estate reality show Buy My House on Netflix shows landlords and homeowners from all across the country who are trying to get a better value for their houses. It's interesting that these homeowners show four well-known real estate investors the unique qualities of their respective properties, and they immediately acquire them.

Apart from getting to see stunning homes from all across the nation, viewers also get to share in each transaction as it transforms the lives of homeowners. Also, the investors include Glenn Kelman (CEO of Redfin), Pamela Liebman (CEO of Corcoran Group), Brandon Copeland (NFL Linebacker and investor), and Danisha Wrighster (real estate broker).

As soon as the show premiered on the streaming platform, users have been very captivated by the show. Just like Shark Tank, the investors' panel is very interesting to watch. Viewers have been curious to learn more about them. Similarly, Glenn Kelman is one of the cast members whose life-life has been a subject to discuss for many of the viewers. They want to know about his wife. Well, let's find it out.

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Glenn Kelman’s Wife: The Buy My House Cast Is Married to Sylvia Lee Kelman; Know More About the CEO of Redfin!

The only thing that is known about Glenn Kelman's marriage is that he is married to his wife, Sylvia Lee Kelman. The CEO of Redfin (@glennkelman) prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye. She has supported the Buy My House cast throughout his career and occasionally offered wise counsel; they have been together for a very long period. They share a son, however, not much is known about him.

Glenn Kelman was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1971 to parents Linda and Lloyd Kelman. They were the ones who had the biggest impact on Glenn; they gave him the confidence to be unique, and his twin brother Wesley Kelman joined in on his goofiness and was always by his side, encouraging and supporting him.

He started his studies at Interlake High School in Bellevue; he succeeded in soccer and was appointed team captain for chess. In 1993, Glenn graduated from high school, enrolled in the University of California at Berkeley, and completed his undergraduate studies.

Glenn Kelman was accepted into Columbia University's medical school, but he decided against attending. At the time, Glenn was interested in a variety of careers, including investment banking, writing, and even working as a dishwasher. However, things started to change after that.

After a year of unsuccessfully trying his hand at writing, Kelman decided to start delivering packages on a bicycle since he was out of money. He then met some men who had just founded Stanford Technology Group, a software company; at the time, it had only a few employees, so he was one of the first ones hired. He worked as a product manager, doing a little bit of everything, including marketing, sales, and engineering; it was sort of like an entrepreneur boot camp.

Along with Kirill Sheynkman and Joe McVeigh, Glenn Kelman co-founded Plumtree Software, using this work as a springboard to success. At different points, Glenn headed engineering, marketing, product management, and business development. In the early years of Plumtree, he was also in charge of financing and general operations. Glenn worked 90 hours per week and handled every little job for his company except sales.

He dedicated seven years of his life to this place, rising to the position of vice president of marketing and product management. Glenn then joined Redfin in 2005; his sole goal was to expand the market, not as a brokerage.

After Glenn Kelman understood that a business could only prosper by becoming something unique, even though there were risks, things began to change. Glenn has been working at Redfin for 17 years and is still a part of it as its President & CEO. Despite this, he was willing to accept the blame for everything and went ahead and convinced David Eraker, the founder of Redfin, to mix real estate with software.

Buy My House is currently streaming on Netflix.

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