Is Elisabeth Moss’ Recent Weight Gain Due to Pregnancy?

Anup Jung Pandey

Is Elisabeth Moss’ Recent Weight Gain Due to Pregnancy? – Elisabeth Moss has sparked a pregnancy rumor because of her recent weight gain. While we do agree that she looks heavier than ever, we don’t think she is expecting a child. Meanwhile, the 41-year-old actress has not given any statement regarding her transformation.

The acting industry is harsh!! With all the fame and money, many other things come with you when you become a prominent celebrity. Speculations and rumors about your body shape and size are just another cup of tea, especially when you’re a female star.

Most recently, Elisabeth Moss has been a victim of the discussion because of her body size. As she was recently captured by a paparazzi in her normal outfit, many people observed that she had undergone significant weight gain. It does not end there. Some people even wonder if she is expecting a child. Well, here is everything you need to know about her weight gain and pregnancy rumor.

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Elisabeth Moss’ Recent Weight Gain Has Fueled Speculation Regarding Her Pregnancy!

There’s no denying that Elisabeth Moss (@elisabethmossofficial) has undergone drastic weight gain as evidenced by her recent pictures. She looks at her heaviest these days. However, she has not given any statement about her recent appearance.

In case you’re unaware, she is currently 41 years old. At this age, your lifestyle affects how you look significantly. Elisabeth, who previously said that she does not have time for dating due to her hectic schedule, certainly does not look like she takes care of what she is eating and working out.

Elisabeth Moss is in the industry solely because of her acting skills; not because of her beauty or her body shape. Therefore, we think she is not really worried about her weight gain.

Elisabeth Moss in her latest weight gain appearance. blurred-reality.comElisabeth Moss in her latest weight gain appearance.
Image Source: BlackGrid

Her appearance has even led some fans to wonder if she is pregnant. While it’s understandable she is at the age where she might be expecting a child, we cannot just make pregnancy speculation just because of her weight gain. After all, she has not given any hint about having a child soon.

Moss keeps her personal life so secretive that we wouldn’t be surprised if she is pregnant in real life. Until and unless we get additional strong evidence, it wouldn’t be wise to discuss further regarding her pregnancy rumor.

On the other hand, there’s a chance Elisabeth is gaining weight intentionally for a role. It’s normal for actors to undergo a physical transformation for a role. Well, everything remains speculation for now since the actress has not made any comments about her weight gain. And to be honest, we don’t expect her to explain. As we mentioned earlier, she lives a very low-key life.

A Look at Elisabeth Moss’ Dating History: She Was Once a Married Woman!

As of this writing, Elisabeth Moss does not appear to have a partner, not that we’re aware of at least. Rumors say she is dating someone in private, however, we have no further information about who the person is.

Elisabeth Moss has not publicly revealed whether or not she is dating at the moment. blurred-reality.comElisabeth Moss has not publicly revealed whether or not she is dating at the moment.
Image Source: Instagram

Previously, she was married to Fred Armisen. They began dating in October 2008. After getting engaged in January 2009, the couple later married in Long Island City, New York, in October 2009.

However, their marriage didn’t even last for a year. They decided to divorce in June 2010, before their first anniversary. In September of that year, Elisabeth filed for divorce and on May 13, 2011, the divorce was finalized.

Following her divorce, Elisabeth Moss dated Adam Arkapaw for a brief time. Adam, who was born in Sydney, Australia, is a cinematographer who served as the director of photography for HBO‘s True Detective and Top of the Lake.