Who Is Edward Teach aka Blackbeard in Outer Banks? Season 3 Ending Explained!

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Who Is Edward Teach aka Blackbeard in Outer Banks? Season 3 Ending Explained!

Fans have been going crazy ever since Edward Teach aka Blackbeard was introduced at the end of Outer Banks Season 3. We’re sure that Season 4 of the show revolves around Blackbeard and his treasure. In reality, he was one of the legendary pirates in the early 1700s who was based in North Carolina, where the Netflix series is set. Follow to know more about him in detail.

On February 23, Netflix officially released the third season of Outer Banks. When we joined John B and his team on their toughest journey yet, the show once again featured our favorite pogues being put through it. The Pogues were stuck on the island they fittingly named “Poguelandia” as the third season started up where season two left off (thank you, JJ). They survived well and appeared to be doing well, but of course, it didn’t last long.

The season 3 ending dropped a hint about what season 4 may hold. In the final minutes of episode 10, Mystery Of The Gnomon, a mysterious guy is seen planning the Pogues’ upcoming mission. The unidentified man reveals a captain’s ship log that belongs to a particular known pirate, Edward Teach aka Blackbeard.

Season four has already been officially announced at the enormous Poguelandia event, so we can be confident that more heart-pounding excitement is in the future. Though most people have heard of Blackbeard, many people are still curious about what made him famous because of the cliffhanger. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

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Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained: Edward Teach aka Blackbeard Was One of the Pirates in the Early 1700s in North Carolina, Where the Netflix Series Is Set!

It goes without saying that the group will travel a dangerous route while looking for the lost spoils of the great pirate, Edward Teach aka Blackbeard. Given that Blackbeard has close ties to North Carolina, where Outer Banks is set, it is not a surprise that the series chose to use such a legendary name. The pirate got his nickname from his long string of misdeeds and his distinctive long black beard. Beyond his misdeeds and looks, Blackbeard the pirate’s mythology is most known for his notorious “hidden treasure,” jewels that the pirate is said to have buried before his death.

Edward Teach was his true name before becoming the infamous pirate Blackbeard. His last name has been recorded using a variety of variations, from Edward Thatch or Thack to Teach. The practice of using a pseudonym when engaging in acts of piracy at the time made this popular among pirates.

Edward Teach is believed to have been born in Bristol, England in 1680, despite the fact that nothing is known about his early years. He was a privateer before he began his chaotic pirating activities. A privateer controlled privately owned ships that were frequently given orders to attack opposing ships by hostile powers. From 1701 and 1713, he is believed to have actively served as a privateer for the British during the War of the Spanish Succession.

Following this, it’s believed that Edward Teach joined Captain Benjamin Hornigold‘s crew in 1716 and began participating in different nautical crimes. The pirate has a strong link to North Carolina since in 1718 he set up a base and a deal with Charles Eden, the colony’s governor. Alex Spotswood, the lieutenant governor of Virginia at the time, sent a fleet to deal with Blackbeard and his crew at the request of the Carolina planets.

Blackbeard was defeated by a British naval force under the command of Lieutenant Robert Maynard during a severe battle. When he passed away on November 22, 1718, he was thought to be between 35 and 40 years old.

Outer Banks Season 4 finale’s introduction of Blackbeard’s book appears to represent the start of a new narrative arc for the show’s writers. The Pogues, in our opinion, will seek after Blackbeard’s treasure next. This may be the only plot in season four or perhaps the first chapter of a longer multi-season saga. The group is known for resolving these mysteries and supplying the requirements. As the stranger noted out, they already have the Royal Merchant and El Dorado under their belts, so why not add Blackbeard’s treasure to their profile?

On the other hand, fans are already going crazy about the teaser setup in the season 3 finale. Several people have expressed their excitement for the upcoming Outer Banks edition on the social media platform Twitter, especially with the addition of Edward Teach. One fan tweeted,

NOT BLACKBEARD!! Now I see why they got a early renewal. New conquest. I’m here as long as @netflix keep giving #OuterBanks alive.

Similarly, another tweeted,

I am fully not prepared for the outerbanks Blackbeard season

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