Does Cody Rhodes Have a Lisp?

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Uncover the debate: Does Cody Rhodes have a lisp? Reddit and Twitter opinions, wrestling career clues, and personal insights reveal the mystery.

The world of professional wrestling sees every performer bringing a unique flavor to the ring—whether it’s through their in-ring prowess, charismatic mic skills, or distinctive personas. Cody Rhodes, the wrestling scion of the legendary Rhodes family, is no exception. Over the years, fans and critics alike have noticed a particular aspect of Cody’s speech: his lisp. The question on many minds is, “Does Cody Rhodes have a lisp?”

The debate has raged on forums like Reddit and Twitter, with fans sharing their observations, theories, and even personal experiences related to Cody’s speech pattern. Let’s delve into this intriguing topic, exploring arguments from both sides and shedding light on the diverse opinions of the wrestling community.

The Case for Cody Rhodes Having a Lisp

One of the primary arguments supporting the idea that Cody Rhodes has a lisp stems from fans’ keen ears during his promos and interviews. On Reddit’s r/SquaredCircle, users have pointed out instances where Cody’s speech seems to exhibit characteristics of a lisp. Some users even suggest that Cody may have picked up this speech pattern from his father, the iconic Dusty Rhodes.

In a Reddit thread from 4 years ago, one user noted, “Kids often imitate speech patterns of their parents, so it seems like it makes sense.” This theory aligns with the idea that Cody, growing up around his father’s larger-than-life wrestling persona, may have unconsciously adopted certain aspects of Dusty’s speech.

Insights from Twitter

Twitter, another platform where wrestling enthusiasts gather, has seen its fair share of discussions on Cody Rhodes’ lisp. Tweets from fans and followers provide a snapshot of the ongoing conversation. For instance, user @rhondie4ever mentioned in October 2017, “Ur dad had that lisp and he was great on the mic, so no worries!” This tweet highlights the notion that a lisp might run in the family.

Cody himself, in a tweet from the same period, humorously acknowledged his lisp, stating, “I’m not athletic, a pronounced lisp, and my Dad used to be everybody’s boss ha. But I’ve LOVED every second of it.” This tweet showcases Cody’s good-natured acceptance of his unique traits, including his speech pattern.

Countering the Notion

However, not all fans are convinced that Cody Rhodes has a lisp to the extent that some suggest. On Reddit, users have debated the severity of Cody’s speech pattern. One user commented, “It’s not as strong as the internet makes it out to be,” indicating that the lisp might be less pronounced than some perceive.

Moreover, Twitter users have also chimed in with their perspectives. User @Matty🇦🇺 tweeted, “Dude you can do a moonsault and you say you’re not athletic!? I,” poking fun at Cody’s self-deprecating humor about his athleticism while also suggesting that physical prowess might outweigh any perceived speech impediments.

Cody’s Own Words

Perhaps the most telling insight comes directly from Cody Rhodes himself. In his tweet from October 2017, Cody openly acknowledged his lisp, alongside his thoughts on athleticism. This candid admission offers fans a glimpse into Cody’s self-perception and sense of humor.

Cody Rhodes admits to having a lisp.Cody Rhodes admits to having a lisp.
Image Source: Ringside News

Needless to say, the debate surrounding Cody Rhodes’ lisp remains as lively as ever. Fans, both on Reddit and Twitter, continue to share their thoughts, anecdotes, and theories on this aspect of the wrestling star’s persona. Whether it’s seen as a charming quirk or an inherited trait from his father, Dusty Rhodes, Cody’s lisp adds yet another layer of intrigue to his already captivating presence in the wrestling world.

While the verdict on whether Cody Rhodes truly has a lisp may vary among fans, one thing is certain: fans cannot wait for his dramatic showdown with Roman Reigns, with the added dynamic of The Rock‘s unexpected involvement at WrestleMania XL. The iconic event is scheduled for April 6 and April 7, 2024, at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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