Know This Before You Call Dior Goodjohn a Zionist

Allan Ivanov

Know This Before You Call Dior Goodjohn a Zionist – Dior Goodjohn is not a Zionist. Even though she initially expressed her support for Israel, she later apologized claiming she was unaware of the situation & history between Israel and Palestine. 

Dior Goodjohn is an actress American actress who is known for her roles in Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019), Glee (2009), and Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2023). She recently received a lot of attention for her performance as Clarisse La Rue in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

On the other hand, we have recently discovered that she is also getting a lot of backlash for supporting Israel in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. People have been criticizing her for being a Zionist. Well, let’s discuss everything in detail.

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Dior Goodjohn Labeled ‘A Zionist’ Because of Her Mistake & Lack of Knowledge!

The world has been separated into two parts ever since Israel and Palestine declared war against each other in October. Most people support Palestine and demand that they should be freed from the domination of Israel. On the other hand, there are some people who stand with Israel and it appears Dior Goodjohn (@dior.n.goodjohn) is one of them. As a result, she is getting a lot of criticism for being a Zionist.

As soon as the news broke out that Hamas, a Palestinian Sunni Islamist political and military organization, attacked Israel on October 7, Dior Goodjohn expressed her support for Israel after the attack resulted in numerous fatalities. She posted multiple stories on her Instagram supporting Israel.

However, it appeared that she wasn’t aware of the situation. She didn’t know the history between the two nations. After receiving a of lot criticism and being bullied on Instagram Dms, she took no time to research the circumstances and apologized to her fans. She even thanked her fans for educating her about the situation.

Similarly, Dior Goodjohn does not have any Jewish background and has not expressed her support for Israel ever since. As a result, it is safe to assume that she is not a Zionist.

On the other hand, we would like to request everyone to not abuse her because of the mistake she has already apologized for. She is talented and very young. She surely deserves a chance to prove that she stands with humanity rather than any country, race, or religion.

Know More About Dior Goodjohn!

Dior Goodjohn, who is currently 17 years old17, was born on August 17, 2006. Prior to her role in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, she was most recognized for her appearances in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Glee, and her breakout role as Robyn Rook in the TV series Head of the Class in 2021.

Dior Goodjohn plays the role of Clarisse La Rue in Percy Jackson and the Olympians. blurred-reality.comDior Goodjohn plays the role of Clarisse La Rue in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
Image Source: Disney

When asked about her love for acting in a 2021 interview with Pop Culturalist, she said,

It was definitely an innate thing. I never really had to discover it. It’s just been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I guess you could say the origin story is my mom and dad watching me act out scenes from my favorite TV shows and sing and dance all over the house when I was little.

While Dior Goodjohn will most certainly be busy with Percy Jackson for the foreseeable future, there is a chance she will one day join the ranks of big-screen superheroes. The actress revealed to Young Entertainment that she would love to play one of the X-Men if given the opportunity. In addition to being an actress, she is also a brilliant musician and singer who frequently shares music covers on her social media platforms.