Fans Wonder if Troye Sivan Is a Zionist Because of His Jewish Background

Shreeyantra Rai

Fans Wonder if Troye Sivan Is a Zionist Because of His Jewish Background – Many fans wonder if Troye Sivan is a Zionist as he was raised in an Orthodox family. Even though his parents are Jewish, he has previously said that he is not religious. Furthermore, his previous tweets while visiting Israel have been adding flame to the fire. 

Troye Sivan (full name: Troye Sivan Mellet) is a diverse artist in the entertainment world, known for his abilities as a singer, songwriter, actor, and influencer. He first attracted popularity on YouTube for his captivating content, where his charisma, sincerity, and singing abilities showed through.

His turn into music was a watershed moment in his career, pushing him to global acclaim. Sivan built a niche as an artist known for merging infectious melodies with contemplative narratives with his enticing electropop compositions and emotionally powerful lyrics. Songs like Youth, My My My!, and Wild not only demonstrated his musical skill but also reflected his personal growth and experiences, frequently resonating deeply with his listeners.

On the other hand, Troye Sivan has recently been a part of a controversy because of his religious background. Since he is Jewish, many people wonder if he is a Zionist. Well, let’s find out everything about the controversy.

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Here’s Why We Don’t Think Troye Sivan Is a Zionist!

Anti-Semitism is on the rise once more. As soon as news of the horrors in Israel broke in October, people around the world rushed to protect the culprits, and the situation has only gotten worse. The public has been backlashing Israel and everyone who supports Israeli Jewish people, including celebrities. Most recently, we have found that Troye Sivan is the latest celebrity who is accused of being a Zionist.

Before coming to a conclusion, let’s first have a quick glance at his connection with Zionism. Even though Troye does not consider himself religious, he was raised in an Orthodox family. His father is of Lithuanian-Jewish descent and his mother converted to Judaism after getting married. Also, he attended a private Modern Orthodox school.

There isn't enough evidence to label Troye Sivan as a Zionist. blurred-reality.comThere isn’t enough evidence to label Troye Sivan as a Zionist.
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On the other hand, people have been criticizing him for visiting Israel and praising the country in the past. Likewise, people have been calling him a Zionist because of a tweet he posted in 2011.

Meanwhile, a fan tried to defend Troye explaining the posts are from years ago writing,

This is from years ago and I guess he’s Jewish so it’s not really surprising ( that’s also why he has an Israel flag out there)… Unfortunately lost of Jews & Israelis were brainwashed into believing killing Palestinians is necessary. It’s so sad I just hope he learnt

Well, just because he comes from a Jewish family and has visited Israel a couple of times is not valid enough to conclude that Troye Sivan is a Zionist. Also, let’s not forget that he has not given any reaction ever since Israel and Palestine declared war against each other in October 2023.

Rise to Fame: Here Is How Troye Sivan Became a Global Star!

Troye Sivan‘s (@troyesivan) rise to fame can be traced back to his early days on YouTube when his channel provided a platform for showcasing his talents and engaging personality. His watershed moment, however, came with the publication of his debut extended play (EP) titled TRXYE in 2014. This EP marked his professional debut in the music industry, garnering notice with its hypnotic electropop style and deeply intimate lyrics.

Troye Sivan got his breakthrough in 2014 with the release of TRXYE. blurred-reality.comTroye Sivan got his breakthrough in 2014 with the release of TRXYE.
Image Source: Instagram

The debut track from TRXYE, Happy Little Pill, went viral, catapulting Sivan into the spotlight. The beautiful melody of the song, paired with Troye’s expressive vocals, struck a chord with fans, resulting in millions of views and downloads. It not only demonstrated his musical ability but also hinted at the breadth of his storytelling and songwriting abilities.

Following the success of TRXYE, Sivan rose through the ranks of the music industry. His subsequent releases, which included songs such as Youth and Wild, as well as his debut studio album, Blue Neighbourhood, cemented his status as a growing pop sensation.