Forget Cars, Constance Nunes Is More Into Plastic Surgery

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Forget Cars, Constance Nunes Is More Into Plastic Surgery – Constance Nunes from Cars Masters has been suspected of receiving multiple plastic surgery procedures such as a nose job, breast implants, lip filler, and Botox. People believe she looks a lot different now. However, she has yet to respond to the allegation.

Constance Nunes, the only female mechanic from Car Masters: Rust to Riches, has been a popular name since the series debuted on Netflix in 2018. She has been a regular cast in all seasons of the show. Apart from being a mechanic, she is a popular Internet personality and a model with over 1.2M followers on Instagram.

With the release of Season 5 of Car Masters, the rumor about Constance undergoing plastic surgery is surfacing on the Internet. People have been claiming that she looks a lot different than how was in the first season of the show. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

Constance Nunes’ Plastic Surgery Rumors Include a Nose Job, Lip Filler, Breast Implants & More!

In addition to all the expertise about cars, Constance Nunes‘ beauty has played a vital role in grabbing the attention of many Car Masters viewers. However, some have attributed her beauty to plastic surgery, especially after the release of Season 5 of the show. They have been claiming that she looks way too different and unnatural these days.

Constance Nunes is suspected of receiving plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. blurred-reality.comConstance Nunes is suspected of receiving plastic surgery to enhance her beauty.
Image Source: Instagram

First and foremost, there’s no denying that Constance’s nose does not look normal at all. It seems as if she literally replaced her nose with an artificial one. Of course, a nose job is one of the procedures she might have received. And when comparing her before and after pictures, we found out that she has fuller lips these days. As a result, lip fillers appear to be another treatment she might have received.

Similarly, her breasts play an important role in making her so beautiful and attractive. However, they do not look natural at all. Also, those weren’t of the same size before. There’s a high chance she has received breast implants.

On the other hand, we believe Constance Nunes’ face and skin texture look way too smooth for someone who is in her mid-30s. We wouldn’t be surprised to know that she has been getting Botox and fillers for some time now.

Considering she is more into modeling these days, we understand why she decided to undergo plastic surgery. However, Constance has yet to address the allegation. She has neither accepted nor denied any of the allegations.

Whatever the truth is, we have to agree that the surgeons did an incredible job (if the plastic surgery rumors are true). If not, credit to her parents for giving her such ‘beautifying’ genetics.

Constance Nunes Is More Into Modeling These Days!

As suggested in the title, Constance Nunes (@constance_nunes) is not only making a name for herself as the only female mechanic in Car Masters: Rust to Riches but also in the world of modeling.

She has appeared as a car model in the Long Beach Grand Prix, in print campaigns for Jockey, Wrangler, and Feral Cosmetics, as well as in commercials for Motorola and Kim Kardashian‘s mobile game.

Constance Nunes has been featured as a car model for multiple brands. blurred-reality.comConstance Nunes has been featured as a car model for multiple brands.
Image Source: Instagram

On her own Instagram, Nunes has shared sponsored photos for companies such as Rockstar Energy Drinks, JLUXLABEL apparel, and VP Racing Fuels. Her glamour model images may appear to contradict her down-and-dirty car shop job, but Nunes clearly enjoys breaking down barriers and dispelling old prejudices. On her personal website’s profile page, she states,

[I have] a passion for representing, that in a primarily male dominated industry, you can be a feminine yet strong force.

As mentioned earlier, this could be one of the reasons Constance might have received plastic surgery.