Colby Ryan From Sins of Our Mother: Lori Vallow Oldest Son’s Age, Father, Book, Is He Married? Colby Ryan’s Instagram, Facebook, Spouse & More!

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Colby Ryan From Sins of Our Mother: Lori Vallow Oldest Son's Age, Father, Book, Is He Married? Colby Ryan's Instagram, Facebook, Spouse & More!

Colby Ryan, from Sins of Our Mother, is the oldest living son of Lori Vallow. Colby Ryan was born on April 8, 1996, to mom Lori Cox and father William Lagioia (her second husband). He was married to his wife, Kelsee Ryan, although she is no longer his spouse. He has released a book named The God Over Odds. Colby Ryan now resides in Austin, Texas, and has two children, according to his Facebook. He is also active on Instagram (@colby_j_ryan).

The Netflix documentary Sins of Our Mother is about Lori Vallow Daybell, who first gained notoriety in 2019 after she refused to cooperate with Idaho police when two of her children were missing for a prolonged period.

Sins of Our Mother is a documentary series that explores the notorious Lori case in great detail. It can only be characterized as equally compelling, perplexing, and haunting. This is because it details not just her familial experiences but also her religious extremism, as well as how they reportedly led her to be involved in the murders of two of her children.

Lori’s only surviving child, Colby Ryan, is prominently featured in this original to aid in navigating the same, so let’s learn more about him, shall we?

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Colby Ryan From Sins of Our Mother Is the Only Living Son of Lori Vallow!

The only living son of Lori Vallow, Colby Ryan (@colby_j_ryan) was born in 1996 and is 26 years old as of 2022. Although Colby Ryan was born to their mother, Lori Cox, and father, William Lagioia (her second husband), he spent the majority of his early years without a large, loving family or even a father figure because his parents split in 1998.

Joe Ryan Anthony Jr. adopted him after his mother married him in 2001, around a year before they had Tylee, but this marriage also did not last. According to the three-part production, Joe abused Colby within their shared house and was physically and sexually violent to both his wife and her children.

Anthony Vallow’s arrival as Lori’s fourth spouse in the middle of the 2000s, however, changed everything for the better because he honestly and cheerfully cared for everyone. Thanks to the couple’s adoption of Charles’ infant grandnephew Joshua Jaxon (or JJ) in 2013, Colby was able to realize his dream of having a close-knit personal family.

According to the docuseries Sins of Our Mother, although the then-teen was initially hesitant about the adoption, he quickly formed the same strong attachment with the toddler who had autism as he did with Tylee. Colby Ryan attended Friends University in Kansas, Texas, a Christian institution with a Quaker background, in 2016.

Since Colby Ryan was her brother’s buddy, Kelsee (@kelseeryan_) first met him when she was in middle school. They later became close friends when they were in junior high. They both recognized right away that their connection had the makings of something more, but it wasn’t until the latter was in college that he formally asked her out. Kelsee maintained her distance from her mother-in-law since, in her opinion, Lori’s behavior allegedly became even odder after the couple became engaged and then married.

Although Colby genuinely adored being a big brother, he was also aware that by the time fall 2019 arrived, his priorities had changed to include his career, his wife, Kelsee, and their daughter. Colby didn’t notice anything was wrong until Tylee’s 17th birthday, which would have been on September 24, when she didn’t answer his calls and texts from her phone read strangely.

Colby Ryan, therefore, tried his best to help the search and get through to his mother for the whole truth after it was revealed that both his sister and brother were gone, but to no avail. It is therefore not surprising that he has released a book named The God Over Odds in which he describes how genuine faith has enabled him to recover from a life of trauma, abuse, murder, and loss.

To share his story with the globe, the Arizona resident even founded the God Over Odds Media Company. Because of his wife Kelsee and his daughter Riley, he just genuinely feels like he is making it through, Colby said. In addition to welcoming their second daughter, Ava, into the world, the pair have also been living apart since the middle of 2022’s summer.

But more crucially, after his estranged wife accused him of r*ping her two nights earlier, Colby was detained in Mesa, Arizona, on September 3, 2022, on two charges of suspected sexual assault. They do not live together. At that point, Colby Ryan was indeed detained at the Maricopa County Jail on $10,000 bail until September 9, which is when the accusations against him were unjustly dropped.

It’s important to note that his release is subject to him abstaining from making contact with his alleged victim or the person who arrested him, possessing or using any illegal drugs, and operating a vehicle without a valid license.

Colby Ryan now resides in Austin, Texas, and has two children, according to his Facebook. He frequently posts pictures of himself with his kids as well as tributes to his father and his siblings. He is also active on Instagram. Colby expressed his brokenness over the deaths of his siblings in a now-private Instagram post.

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