Chet Larson’s New Girlfriend: Larson Farms Is Currently Dating a Girl Named Jeanmarie Golden!

Shreeyantra Rai

Chet Larson’s New Girlfriend: Larson Farms Is Currently Dating a Girl Named Jeanmarie Golden!

Larson Farms aka Chet Larson is currently in a relationship with his new girlfriend, JeanMarie Golden. While the YouTuber does not share much information about his relationship, Jean has been openly sharing their romantic life on her TikTok and Instagram since mid-2022. 

YouTube has millions of content to offer us. You can literally find everything on the platform. And of course, every YouTuber tries to create unique content to provide. And Chet Larson is one of the unique content creators who runs a YouTube channel named Larson Farms.

The YouTube channel provides a lot of knowledge about farming and agriculture. Chet, who happens to be the 5th generation in his family to run the family, has been learning to run the centra-Minnesota-based farm. He provides unique information about farming as well as new farming technology through vlogs on his YouTube channel.

Apart from that, we’ve recently found that many of Chet Larson’s fans have been curious to know about his relationship status. They wonder if he has a girlfriend. Well, here’s everything we know about his romantic status.

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Chet Larson’s New Girlfriend: The Youtuber Is in a Relationship With a Girl Named Jeanmarie Golden!

Yes, Chet Larson (@larson.farms) has a girlfriend and is very happy with his relationship. He is currently dating a girl named JeanMarie Golden (@jeanmariegolden). Even though Chet barely shares about his relationship in public, Jean has been sharing about their romantic life openly via her Instagram as well as TikTok since mid-2022.

Chet Larson and his girlfriend, JeanMarie Golden, on their trip to Mexico.

Chet Larson and his girlfriend, JeanMarie Golden, on their trip to Mexico.
Source: Instagram

It appears Chet’s girlfriend, Jean, also belongs to an agricultural family. On October 12, 2022, she posted pictures of her father, grandfather as well as Chet and wished them a National Farmer’s Day. While we have yet to determine when the couple started dating, we do know that Jean first made their relationship public in June 2022 on both TikTok and Instagram. She posted a picture of Chet and captioned the picture, “Right where I want to be.”

June frequently shares pictures of them hanging out together. Recently, the couple traveled to Mexico together and had a lot of fun. From attending a family occasion, and commercial events to hanging out at a beach and going on a romantic together, Chet Larson and his girlfriend appear to spend a lot of time together.

The couple celebrating Jean's niece's first birthday.

The couple celebrating Jean’s niece’s first birthday.
Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Chet has not shared any information or pictures of his girlfriend on any platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. It seems he does not really like to share his personal life in public.

Looking at how their relationship is going, Chet Larson and his girlfriend appear to be the perfect ideal match for each other. We believe they might actually end up getting married. However, time will tell us if their relationship is as strong as we believe it is.

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