Brittney Wood’s Family: Where is Chessie Wood from Alabama Now?

Bikram Karki

Brittney Wood's Family: Where is Chessie Wood from Alabama Now?

All the facts behind Brittney Wood’s family, notably mother Chessie Wood, from Peacock TV’s Monster in the Shadows. Where is Chessie Wood today and what is she doing now?

Brittney Wood, 19, went missing in May 2012 after departing from her mother Chessie Wood‘s home in Mobile, Alabama, supposedly for a brief time. In the following months, the inquiry into her abduction grew into something far more horrific.

Chessie is the central figure in Peacock‘s newest true-crime production, Monster in the Shadows, to discuss her daughter’s shocking abduction and the dark family scandals that emerged as a result.

Following Brittney’s disappearance, Chessie Wood became entangled in the tempest that saw her own sisters condemned of continuous child abuse. So, do you want to know what has happened to Chessie since then? We’ve got your back.

Brittney Wood’s Alabama Family Includes Her Mother Chessie Wood; Peacock TV’s Monster in the Shadows Inspects Her Story!

Chessie Wood is Brittney Nicole Wood‘s mother, and she was living with her at the time of her abduction.

Brittney went out with some of her possessions on the evening of 30th May 2012, but she never returned, leaving her 2-year-old daughter behind. Chessie didn’t notice her daughter was gone until her brother-in-law, Donald Holland, died of a suicidal gunshot to the head.

Chessie Wood said,

Friday we started trying to contact her to tell her what had happened, and when she didn’t respond, we knew right then something was wrong.

Chessie was reported missing on 2nd June, merely a day after Donald was identified in his vehicle with a bullet wound on his head.

But Brittney’s supposed kidnapping was quickly eclipsed when authorities uncovered that members of the Wood family and their acquaintances had perpetrated some of the world’s most heinous murders.

The inquiry uncovered the involvement of one of Alabama’s biggest sex rings, with Donald regarded as the ringleader.

Chessie Wood’s sister Wendy who is married to Donald was soon imprisoned as well. Wendy’s twin sister, Mendy, and her husband, Dustin Kent, were also detained.

All three of them were suspected of being involved in a sex ring revolving around incest in which they groomed and had sexual relationships with family members’ kids. As a matter of fact, Brittney was last spotted with Donald.

Chessie suspected Brittney discovered the sex abuse and confronted Donald. She said,

I believe Donnie killed my daughter over the sex crimes.

It’s not confirmed to this day if the two were as linked as Chessie believed.

Where is Chessie Wood Today and What is She Doing Now?

Chessie Wood was also prosecuted with sodomy and sexual exploitation as part of the inquiry. She was accused of having sexual relations with an underage female relative. But she always maintained her innocence, claiming that she only learned about the assault after Brittney disappeared.

Chessie pleaded to the lesser offense of negligent endangerment in October 2016. According to the Peacock show Monster in the Shadows, she was handed informal probation and no prison sentence.

Chessie has been working hard for many years to find her daughter and thought that the Peacock documentary would aid in that regard.

She said,

I promised her that I would not give up ever until I take my last breath, and if this documentary is it which we’re praying it may be, we were willing to give it a shot.

Chessie Wood revealed that she planned to hold a funeral on the 10th anniversary of Brittney’s abduction. She is in a marital relationship with Paul Houseknecht since 2001 and continues to reside in Mobile, focusing on Brittney.

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