Brianna Ramirez From Dubai Bling: Age & Instagram of Kris Fade’s Wife!

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Brianna Ramirez From Dubai Bling: Age & Instagram of Kris Fade’s Wife!

Brianna Ramirez, the wife of Dubai Bling’s Kris Fade, is reportedly 35 years old. The couple was unmarried at the time of the filming of the Netflix show. However, they later got married in March 2022. Know about her profession and net worth with her Instagram handle (@briannafade) right below.

From the property fantasy of Selling Sunset to the drama of Bling Empire, Netflix has no shortage of sparkle. However, Dubai Bling, its most recent series, surpasses them in terms of drama and WOW impact. The reality series, which premiered last week on the streaming service, covers the lives of the UAE’s elite, including their sparkling occupations, stunning wardrobes, intense relationships, and the ritzy gatherings to which they are often invited.

These wealthy individuals come from many social strata, but they all have a passion for luxury and a dash of drama. The show focuses on their interpersonal connections and romantic lives, which come with their share of problems and confrontations, in addition to exploring their daily activities, social events, and professional endeavors.

Although it is widely known that popular radio host Kris Fade struggled after he and his first wife divorced, Brianna Fade was crucial in helping him to get back on track. Fans have always thought her and Kris’ relationship to be fairly pure, despite the fact that highly publicized partnerships are frequently questioned, and were thrilled when the couple ultimately got married. Besides their relationship, many viewers have been wanting to know more about Brianna.

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Brianna Ramirez From Dubai Bling: The 35-Year-Old Wife of Kris Fade Wishes to Have a Child With Her Husband Very Soon; Find Her on Instagram!

Brianna Ramirez (@briannafade), a Los Angeles native, began her career when she accepted a position as Curveball Events’ talent manager and moved to the United Arab Emirates. According to Kris Fade’s tweet, she was 26 when they started dating in 2015, thus we may assume that she is currently 33. The Dubai Bling cast was working with Curveball Events’ talent management division, which represents elite talent in Dubai even though the organization is a premier event management company with a base in Dubai.

Brianna first met Kris Fade while working in talent management, but she didn’t seem to want to speak to him directly. As a result, she followed and unfollowed him on Instagram, which caught the DJ’s eye. The two connected immediately, and as soon as they discovered they were ideal for one another, their friendship gradually evolved into love. In fact, Kris subsequently revealed that she wanted to stay in Canada despite quitting her position as a talent manager because of their friendship.

In the summer of 2019, he asked Brianna to marry him, and she was more than thrilled to accept. At that point, Kris was a well-known radio personality who even hosted his own breakfast radio talk show, The Kris Fade Show, which aired in Dubai and Australia.

Additionally, Brianna helped her lover Kris in whatever way she could as he planned to dabble in entrepreneurship. The latter was given the chance to star with him and the rest of his group when Netflix approached them with the idea of Dubai Bling shortly after. Finally, Kris and Brianna got married in March 2022, greatly increasing the latter’s wealth. She is also well-known as an influencer today and has signed multiple brand deals on social media, in addition to managing the brand for her husband’s business, Fade Fit.

A talent manager in Dubai may anticipate making an average income of around $5000 per month, although more seasoned employees like Brianna receive more pay. Additionally, the average yearly salary for those working in brand management is 228000 AED, or $62,000; therefore, we assume that Brianna’s position with her husband’s business increases her income slightly.

Additionally, Brianna’s social media brand collaborations are highly lucrative, even if maintaining a lavish lifestyle in Dubai requires a sizable wage. So, taking into account her sources of income, we may assume that Brianna’s current annual wage is somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000. Hence, the wife of Kris Fade has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

In the show, Brianna and Kris frequently share personal details about their families, histories, and health issues. The couple attends counseling in episode three. According to Brianna, her mother had a heart attack while giving birth to her and spent more than 20 years in a coma. She continues by mentioning the recent death of her mother and how sad it was to see her and not know her.

On the show, Brianna mentioned her desire to have a kid of her own when discussing her future with Kris. In episode three, she said:

After marrying Kris, I would love to have a little boy… but I also have an autoimmune disease… which is hypothyroidism, so my hormones are all over the place…

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