Brendan Penny’s Girlfriend/Wife: The Wedding Cottage Star Is Married to Lisa Gerrard; Family Photos Explored!

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Brendan Penny’s Girlfriend/Wife: The Wedding Cottage Star Is Married to Lisa Gerrard; Family Photos Explored!

Brendan Penny is happily married to his girlfriend-turned-wife, Lisa Gerrard, and has 2 children together. However, the Wedding Cottage star never share his family photos.

Hallmark Channel star, Brendan Penny, has acted in many movies and television series. He initially gained popularity for playing the role of A. J. Varland in Seasn 1 of Whistler (2006-2008). However, he is mostly renowned as Detective Brian Lucas in Motive (2013-2016).

Brendan’s on-screen characters tend to play romantic roles in most of his performances. Recently, his new movie, The Wedding Cottage, was released on Hallmark Channel. He plays the lead role in the rom-com movie.

Speaking of romantic life, we’ve found that many of his fans are curious to know about his relationship status. They wonder if Brendan Penny has a girlfriend/wife or if he is single. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Brendan Penny’s Girlfriend/Wife: The Wedding Cottage Star Has Been Married to Lisa Gerrard Since 2010!

A lot of you may be unaware of Brendan Penny‘s (@therealbrendan_penny) romantic life. You might be wondering if he has a girlfriend. Well, he does not. After all, who needs a girlfriend when you have a beautiful wife? Yes, the Wedding Cottage star is married to his wife, Lisa Gerrard.

Brendan Penny has been married to his girlfriend-turned-wife, Lisa Gerrard, since 2010.Brendan Penny has been married to his girlfriend-turned-wife, Lisa Gerrard, since 2010.
Source: Instagram

The couple reportedly got married in August 2010. The couple will celebrate their 13th anniversary in 2023. Brendan seems to be a kind husband and father who values his family.

Brendan also has 2 children with his wife: a daughter and a son. You can scroll through his Instagram as much as you want but you’ll never find any clue about his partner. You can find plenty of posts about his on-screen partners but he does not prefer to share about his wife, Lisa, or his children. In fact, he once captioned one of his tweets stating he never posts his family photos.

Previously, Brendan Penny told that he cherishes spending time alone with his family and friends, away from the spotlight of the media. Just like Brendan, his girlfriend-turned-wife also does not share anything about her in public. It seems many of us don’t even know what she looks like. However, we do know that she is a marine biologist.

Penny’s first Instagram post clearly shows how much they adore one other. He shared a screenshot of the exchange between himself and his wife in a text message on October 24th, 2013. While Lisa says, “I’m going to bed with bubs. The house is messy, there’s no food, and I don’t care,” Brendan replies, “Ha, Ok, I Love you.”

Undoubtedly, a family with children needs furry buddies. Griffin, their dog, is an important member of the four-person household. The family’s Shepard/Labrador mix dog was imported from Mexico in April 2019. Similarly, Brendan introduced his followers to a fluffy kitten that joined his family in November 2020. Brendan informed him that the kitten was abandoned in a box beside the petrol station, so he made the decision to take care of it.

Clearly, Brendad and his wife have been living a dream life with their children. We’ll surely get back to you as soon as we receive any updates about his family.

Is Brendan Penny Related to Joe Penny?

According to a pattern, actors with the same last name are typically medically associated. The struggle between Justice Smith, a more youthful actor, and Will Smith, a more experienced actor, is comparable to the growing controversy surrounding Brendan Penny‘s connection with Joe Penny.

Best known for his appearances as Nick Ryder and Jake Styles in the television series Riptide (1984–1986) and Jake and the Fatman (1987–1992) respectively, Joseph “Joe” Penny is a seasoned actor in Hollywood.

Although Brendan and Joseph are sometimes mistaken for brothers, their biological ties are not the same. While Brendan is Canadian, Joe is of Italian-American ancestry. They only share the same last name by coincidence.