Born for Business Cast on Peacock: The Hidden Details of the Documentary!

Bikram Karki

Born for Business Cast on Peacock: The Hidden Details of the Reality Show!

Born for Business is a new docuseries on Peacock featuring entrepreneurs with disabilities. The cast includes Lexi Zanghi of Always Reason, Qiana Allen of Culture’s Closet, Collette Divitto of Collettey’s Cookies, and Chris Triebes of The Congregation Presents. Check out the trailer!

The new Peacock docuseries Born for Business provides viewers an inside peek at what it takes to start and maintain a successful small business by focusing on four entrepreneurs with disabilities and their untold tales.

Over the course of the last 18 months, all of them are compelled to deal with the ridiculous challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic while they are poised to succeed.

Born for Business Cast on Peacock – Who are the Disabled Entrepreneurs?

Due to its authenticity, Born for Business on Peacock produces a radical shift for people with impairments. However, it does not sugarcoat the truth.

The show tells stories of resiliency and invention that are universally appealing because they come at a time when people are fighting to move past the obstacles of their daily life.

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In this documentary, each entrepreneur is faced with a different set of challenges, and their success stories are told by exploring how they thrive in their respective industries.

The four talented disabled cast members of Born for Business include Qiana Allen, Collette Divitto, Chris Triebes, and Lexi Zanghi.

Qiana Allen

Born For Business is the new reality Peacock show featuring Chicago businesswoman Qiana Allen, owner of Cultures Closet, a plus-size apparel & lifestyle firm. Qiana, who suffers from Lupus, is able to manage her condition thanks to her own business.

Starting her own company has always been worth it to Qiana, despite the hardships that accompany it. She watched her uncle’s success as an entrepreneur at an early age and understood that was what she aspired to accomplish.

Collette Divitto

Originally from Boston, Collette Divitto is the owner of Collettey’s Cookies, a thriving cookie company. Like other entrepreneurs, she was born with Down syndrome and it required a lot of grit and perseverance for her firm to become what it is today.

As part of Peacock‘s next unscripted series Born For Business, Collette and her company are heavily featured.

Baking is something Collette has enjoyed since she was four years old, but she really got into it when she took a baking class in her freshman year.

One of the most difficult things about moving to Boston after graduating from Clemson was finding a job, according to the reality star.

Chris Triebes

Chris Triebes is a Chicago-based entrepreneur who specializes in booking and event management for music acts. Because of his diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy, Chris is one of the participants of Peacock‘s new unscripted series Born For Business.

People with limitations who run their own businesses are profiled in the show, along with some of the hardships that come with being an entrepreneur.

Chris cites his desire and the necessity to provide for his daughter as the primary reasons for starting his own business.

Lexi Zanghi

In the new unscripted show Born For Business on Peacock, Lexi Zanghi is one of four disabled business leaders highlighted in the show.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Lexi decided she wanted to run her own business. According to her, her path to open Always Reason — a young women’s clothes boutique — has been fraught with difficulties.

While growing up in Long Island, New York, Lexi was an insecure youngster prone to jealousy. Despite her sensitive nature, she was a lively, extroverted child who reveled in the attention she received from her classmates.

With the arrival of the “mean girls” in her middle school, Lexi’s exuberant personality began to wane. As she entered high school, it began to diminish even further.

Born for Business premieres on Peacock on 23rd August 2021.

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