Ben Smith’s Weight Loss: Here’s How He Lost 10 Stone Twice!

Bikram Karki

Ben Smith’s Weight Loss: Here’s How He Lost 10 Stone Twice!

Ben Smith underwent a weight loss journey of a massive 10 stone twice. He lost 10 stone in 2017 again after he regained the weight which he had lost in 2012. He currently weighs 11 stone and claims he was able to do by simply focusing on nutrition and exercise.

It is super impressive when a person loses 10 stone of weight with proper determination and hard work. There is no doubt we have to offer everything to achieve so. However, do you know what is more impressive? Losing 10 stone of weight twice!!

After he initially lost 10 stone in 2012 and regained the weight by 2014,  Ben Smith from Wrexham, North Wales managed to lose 10 stone again in 2017. Well, let’s discuss Ben Smith’s weight loss journey in detail.

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Ben Smith Underwent Weight Loss of 10 Stone Twice Without Following a Fad Diet!

In 2012, Ben Smith dropped 10 stone. After regaining weight, the Welshman lost weight for the second time a few years later. And he previously shared his secret to weight loss without following a fad diet.

Ben Smith before and after weight loss. blurred-reality.comBen Smith before and after weight loss.
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Ben Smith currently operates a weight loss app as a result of his personal weight reduction struggle. The application, branded #itsfine, contains hundreds of healthy meals and allows users to switch ingredients and consume the foods they want without feeling bad. It also allows users to track their own goals and organize themselves using a helpful daily planner. Interestingly, co-founder Ben collaborated on the app with Peter André.

Ben weighed 21 stone in 2012 before losing weight to 11 stone. However, he regained the weight in just 2 years. In an interview with, he said,

But I’d put it back on again by 2014.

As a result, Ben Smith dropped weight for the second time in 2017 and kept it off for six years. Ben now weighs a healthy 11 stone, despite his claim that he is all about maintaining health, not a number on a scale.

Ben was pre-diabetic, had severe gout, three slipped disks, high blood pressure, depression, and was highly immobile, all of which prompted him to lose weight. He went on to describe how he began his weight reduction journey, concentrating on both nutrition and exercise, adding, “In 2017 I decided to work on my mental health and eating disorder.”

I made a simple plan of sticking to portion control weekly not daily, and ate only the food I enjoyed without being restrictive. I started weights and battle ropes and, in the first two weeks, had to go to hospital due to an acute heart issue and damaged my hip so badly I needed a hip replacement…I tore the tendons in my shoulder and arm so couldn’t exercise, so all I did was a morning dog walk.

Despite this, Ben Smith was able to achieve his target weight with the support of a healthy eating regimen. And we’re certain he will never regain the previous weight back again.

How Can You Lose Weight Naturally?

Natural weight loss involves establishing healthy living practices that encourage slow and long-term weight loss. Rather than relying on fad diets or fast cures, concentrating on long-term adjustments to your eating habits, physical activity, and general well-being can result in effective weight reduction.

A healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for natural weight loss. Include healthy foods in your meals, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. Avoid processed meals, sugary drinks, and an excess of high-calorie snacks. Portion management is also important to avoid overeating.

Another important aspect of natural weight loss is regular physical activity. Engage in enjoyable activities such as vigorous walking, running, cycling, swimming, or dancing. Aim for at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise. Strength training activities can also assist develop muscle and enhance metabolism, which can help with weight reduction.

Do not forget to track your nutrition if you want to lose weight naturally. blurred-reality.comDo not forget to track your nutrition if you want to lose weight naturally.
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Managing stress and getting enough sleep are sometimes ignored yet important aspects of weight loss. Because high-stress levels can contribute to emotional eating and weight gain, it is critical to find healthy methods to cope with stress, such as via meditation or hobbies. Prioritize 7-9 hours of excellent sleep every night to promote general well-being and a healthy metabolism.

Remember that losing weight naturally requires time and patience. It is not about getting quick results, but about creating long-term lifestyle adjustments.