Amy Hart’s Weight Gain Can Be Attributed to Her Being a Mother

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Amy Hart’s Weight Gain Can Be Attributed to Her Being a Mother – Amy Hart has recently caught the attention of many people as she has undergone significant weight gain in recent months. We believe the Love Island star gained weight after giving birth to her first child. Well, let’s discuss her transformation in detail.

Amy Hart is a reality television star who rose to fame after appearing in the fifth season of Love Island. She began her journey with the show in 2019 but opted to leave on day 37. Before appearing on the show, she worked as a flight attendant for British Airways. Later in 2017, she was crowned Miss United Kingdom in the Miss Beautiful Pageant System.

Recently, Amy Hart has once again been the highlight on the Internet due to her drastic change in appearance. If you look at her latest physique she seems bigger and heavier than before. As a result, many fans are curious to know the reason behind her weight gain transformation. Well, here’s what we’ve discovered.

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Amy Hart Underwent Weight Gain After Giving Birth to Her First Child!

Talking about Amy Hart‘s (@amyhartxo) weight gain, the Love Island alum has been receiving backlash for years for her overweight physique. However, she has lately displayed her overweight physique proudly while sharing her 2024 ambitions to undergo weight loss. Alongside the video, she stated,

I have a lot I want to achieve this year, but here’s why I’m not setting any goals in 2024. So. I looked through my goals from last year that I wrote in January and although I achieved a lot of them, lots of them weren’t applicable for the second half of the year due to changes in circumstances.

Amy Hart's latest appearance after weight gain. blurred-reality.comAmy Hart’s latest appearance after weight gain.
Image Source: Instagram

But to let you know, Amy Hart has previously criticized unpleasant trolls due to her weight gain appearance. At the time, she was expecting her first child with her fiancé, Sam Rason. However, she was shocked to receive unwanted comments about her weight during her pregnancy, even from strangers.

Despite Amy Hart’s stunning appearance, the star was forced to take to Instagram to express her dissatisfaction, writing:  “I find it so strange in the last like six months since I’ve announced that I’ve been pregnant, everyone, people I do know people I don’t, thinks it’s socially acceptable for them to tell me how big I am.” She continued,

It’s socially acceptable for them to say where I have and haven’t put on weight… It’s fine for everyone else to say it, but the minute I reclaim that and say that obviously I have put weight on and call myself ‘fat’ in a jokey manner, people start kicking off at me. So everyone else is allowed to call me fat but I’m not allowed call myself it. What?

Amy Hart Is Planning a Four-Day Musical Theatre-Themed Wedding for Her Fiancé, Sam Rason!

Amy Hart has revealed some more information about her forthcoming wedding after getting engaged to her fiancé, Sam Rason (@samuelrason) last year. The couple, who have a nine-month-old baby named Stanley, will marry in Spain, with their first dance set to a musical song.

Amy Hart and her fiancé, Sam Rason, with their first child. blurred-reality.comAmy Hart and her fiancé, Sam Rason, with their first child.
Image Source: Instagram

The former Love Island star has already chosen her dress and is planning the big day with her wedding planner, who has been pressuring her to make decisions regarding the event. She told Heat Magazine,

So, it’s a four-day wedding, of course. The first dance isn’t a song written for a musical, but it has been in a musical, and one of my friends who has just left the West End production of Hamilton is singing it.

She continued,

At one point, he wasn’t sure he would come to the wedding, because he has another friend getting married on the same day. But get this – both our weddings are in Spain, only 35 minutes away from each other. He’s going to their ceremony and drinks, and then to ours for the meal and the first dance. It’s fate.

Additionally, Amy Hart has also chosen her dress after her stylish Jeff persuaded her to try on a gown she never would have looked at herself but found up adoring. She stated, “I put this dress on – I’d never have looked at it but my stylist Jeff asked me to try it on and I ended up loving it.” Furthermore, she also mentioned that she is going to Las Vegas on her honeymoon with Sam to enjoy their newlywed life.