Who Is Alaqua Cox’s Dad (Father)?

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Who Is Alaqua Cox’s Dad (Father)? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Alaqua Cox was immensely close to her real-life dad (father), Bill Cox. Sadly, he is not alive anymore. He died the same week her on-screen father died in Hawkeye in 2021.

Alaqua Cox is breaking down barriers in Hollywood in more ways than one. The Native American actress plays Maya Lopez in the new Marvel miniseries Echo, which launched all five episodes on Tuesday, January 9 on Disney+.

She landed her first acting role in 2021’s Hawkeye. Fans immediately noticed something unique and lovely about her when she communicated with ASL. She now has her own program, which is receiving amazing reviews from reviewers and fans.

With the release of the show, we have also found that there are many things people want to know about Alaqua Cox, including who her real-life dad is. In this article, we will be discussing about her father, childhood, and parents. Let’s get started.

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Alaqua Cox’s Dad (Father), Bill Cox, Is No More With Us!

People have been interested to know about Alaqua Cox‘s real-life dad since her character development in the Marvel Cinematic Universe revolves around her father (of course, we’re talking about her character’s father). Well, the name of her father is Bill Cox, who is no longer alive.

In case you’re unaware, the real-life father died the same week her character’s father died in Hawkeye in 2021. Co-incidentally, her reel and real life collided. After his death, she posted multiple pictures of her father on her Instagram writing,

A huge piece of my heart is gone today. I am going to miss you so much, dad.💔👼🏾

Alaqua Cox and her father, Bill Cox. blurred-reality.comAlaqua Cox and her father, Bill Cox.
Image Source: Instagram

Speaking with The New York Times in 2021, she said that her dad was “so proud of me.” She stated,

But he was so proud of me. I know he’s looking down on me from heaven, and he’s just cheering me on. I absolutely know it and feel it.

Like Her Character in Echo, Is Alaqua Cox Deaf in Real Life?

Yes, Alaqua Cox (@alaquacox) is deaf in real life just like her character in Echo. Not only that, but she’s the first Indigenous protagonist in a Marvel series, and despite wearing a prosthetic leg, she still performs her own stunts. Stunt coordinator Mark Scizak previously praised her bravery and dedication saying,

Alaqua was extremely dedicated in pre-production and came in every day to train and work with us on building the various fights. She’s so tough—I had to pump the brakes sometimes because she never held back… She also used it as leverage, holding her leg back to get as much power out of her kicks as possible. Her style of fighting is a very grounded mix of MMA and a bunch of martial arts.

Alaqua Cox is deaf and an amputee in real life. blurred-reality.comAlaqua Cox is deaf and an amputee in real life.
Image Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Cox also remarked that she loved doing all the stunts on her own which was her favorite part of filming. She explained,

The stunt work was so much fun and my favorite thing to do on the show. Our stunt team had such great bubbly personalities and were so enjoyable to work with. In pre-production, I would do stunt training five days a week because I had so many stunts to do on this show. I had to learn so many different jabs, punches and kicks. It’s been a fun journey.

Speaking on the press release, she expressed her concern about what amputee portrayal will imply for others who have gone through similar experiences. She said,

Although I am deaf and an amputee, I was able to do a lot of my fighting and stunts and it was important to me to show my prosthetic leg and not try to hide it under clothes. Maya Lopez is a bada*s, and I wanted people with disabilities to have someone that they could look up to and see within themselves.