Is Alaqua Cox Related to Charlie Cox?

Owen Weimann

Is Alaqua Cox Related to Charlie Cox? – No, Alaqua Cox (Echo) is not related to Charlie Cox ( Daredevil). They just happen to have the same last name and co-stars of the MCU.

Daredevil‘s appearance was revealed in Echo‘s first trailer, and the show doesn’t waste any time presenting the fan-favorite character to the fans. Daredevil (Charlie Cox) appears in the first episode of the show as part of one of the show’s many flashbacks.

In truth, Ol’ Hornhead comes shortly after Echo’s (Alaqua Cox) father is killed by Ronin (Jeremy Renner) in the show. Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) pushes her to use her wrath for his criminal empire, sending her on a mission to assassinate a number of the villain’s rival gang members.

Apart from the storyline, we have found out that many people have been wondering if the Daredevil actor, Charlie Cox, and the Echo actress, Alaqua Cox, are related as they share the same last name. Well, let’s find it out together.

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Alaqua Cox and Charlie Cox Are Not Related to Each Other!

Viewers have been curious to know if Alaqua Cox (@alaquacox) is related to Charlie Cox (@_charliecox), not only because they share the same last name but also because they recently shared the same screen. However, they’re not.

We went through Alaqua and Charlie’s family background and found no connection between the two stars. They just happen to have the same last name co-incidentally.

Alaqua Cox is not related to Charlie Cox. blurred-reality.comAlaqua Cox is not related to Charlie Cox.
Image Source: Disney

Matte of fact, they met each other for the first time on the set of Echo to film the battle sequence in the first episode. Even though they did not get to film for a long time, Alaqua recently said that she wanted to work with Charlie a little more. In an interview with Cinemablend, she said,

Charlie Cox, he’s such a nice guy. I wish I was able to work with him a little bit more. We only got a very brief time together, but he is very nice.

Alaqua’s wish may come true, as Daredevil: Born Again, a series based on Charlie’s Daredevil, is already in production. Although the Echo actress has not been confirmed to be a part of the future show’s ensemble, there is a good probability they will appear together, especially given they are both members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Meanwhile, Echo and Daredevil cross paths multiple times in Marvel Comics. The publisher recently launched a four-issue miniseries named Daredevil & Echo. As a result, we can expect Alaqua Cox and Charlie Cox to appear together again on our TVs.

Will There Be Season 2 of Echo?

Echo season 1 concludes with a bang. However, Disney has not stated whether there will be a season 2 of Echo as of this writing. For the time being, the show is billed as a miniseries, like Hawkeye before it. However, this does not rule out the possibility that the show will return.

Echo has not been renewed for Season 2 yet. blurred-reality.comEcho has not been renewed for Season 2 yet.
Image Source: Disney

And it appears like there’s lots of space for growth in season two: While Maya gained her skills throughout the course of five episodes of Echo, it wasn’t until episode 4 that she gained some understanding of them, and it wasn’t until episode 5 that she was able to use them effectively.

If you ask us, that leaves a lot of potential for origin stories! Between that and her rebuilt ties with her family, a possible season 2 could cover a lot of material — even before you factor in any future MCU connections Maya may make in other series. (Even if doing so would disrupt the newfound serenity she appears to have found in her life; the cost of being a heroine, we’re afraid.)