Why Is Suits So Popular on Netflix? 

Shibakshya Rai

Why Is Suits So Popular on Netflix? blurred-reality.com

Suits is so popular on Netflix because of a number of compelling elements. One of the primary factors can be the fascinating performances of its stars, which have attracted audiences and established a committed fan following. 

New TV series’ are exciting, but have you ever tried watching a 2011 USA Network legal drama instead? Many millions of Netflix users have decided as Suits, a slightly goofy drama about corporate lawyers starring Meghan Markle before she became a duchess, has risen to the top of the streaming service’s charts.

Despite the fact that it aired its final episodes on USA in 2019 and was previously accessible to stream on other platforms such as Hulu and Amazon Prime, the series is suddenly at the top of everyone’s queues.

So, what’s the deal with this show about a genius pretending to be a lawyer and the opulent New York law company he works for? Why is it so popular? Let’s find it out.

Know Everything About Suits and How It Became So Popular on Netflix!

Although Suits had previously been available to stream on a number of platforms, it joined Netflix’s lineup this summer and it immediately became so popular.

With 3.1 billion minutes viewed in a single week this July, Nielsen has already broken its own record for most watched minutes on an acquired TV show (not one debuted by a streamer).

It’s known as the Netflix effect. Many shows that debuted elsewhere, such as You, Gilmore Girls, Breaking Bad, and Schitt’s Creek, have found fresh life and appeal on the platform in the past.

Netflix is the most popular streaming service, and a series that could be overlooked elsewhere can flourish when the algorithm places it in front of hundreds of millions of users.

Suits is now streaming on Netflix. blurred-reality.comSuits is now streaming on Netflix. 
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But it doesn’t stop there. The Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild are both on strike this summer, making it a historic summer for the entertainment industry.

The writers’ strike has stalled the pipeline of new shows launching on the internet and broadcast television for three months. The fewer new series Netflix’s algorithm has to present to its viewers, the more probable it is that something like Suits will go viral.

It also doesn’t hurt that Suits has 134 episodes to binge-watch (most new Netflix series have far fewer) and has always been a fun TV show to watch. The appeal of the series lies in its simplicity.

The conversation is quick and easy to understand, the themes are interesting without being overly complicated, and the characters are attractive and have attractive problems. Can Mike keep his secret hidden? Can Rachel realize her ambition of becoming a lawyer? Will Harvey and Donna ever express their true feelings for one another? Will the law firm last?

Furthermore, Suits is from a time when the USA invested in so-called blue sky programming or light, easy-going TV shows that you can watch while folding laundry. Consider the films Royal Pains, Monk, and In Plain Sight. There’s some comedy, some drama, some mystery, some grief, and some joy, but never too much of any one thing.

However, don’t forget about the royal elephant in the room. She wasn’t a duchess when filming Suits, but her notoriety and reputation are likely factors in some viewers clicking play when they see her photo above the show’s logo.

How to Watch Suits on Netflix?

The well-known legal drama series Suits is accessible on Netflix, but only in a few libraries in countries like the UK, Canada, and Japan. This limitation stems from Netflix’s licensing agreements with content owners. To comply with these agreements, Netflix implements geoblocking, which restricts viewers from viewing particular content outside of the allowed regions.

Suits is available on limited nations. blurred-reality.comSuits is available on limited nations. 
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Geoblocking determines the viewer’s location based on their IP address and restricts access appropriately. This means that people living outside of the authorized areas may have difficulties when trying to view Suits on Netflix.

While geoblocking is designed to comply with licensing requirements and protect content holders’ rights, it can be inconvenient for viewers who want to watch the show but are not in the permitted regions. As a result, “Suits” fans all over the world may seek alternative methods or platforms to watch the show, highlighting the complexities and limitations of global content distribution in the digital era.