Shiva or Raiden Tameemon: Who Won the Battle in Record of Ragnarok? Full Fight Examined!

Bikram Karki

Shiva or Raiden Tameemon: Who Won the Battle in Record of Ragnarok? Full Fight Examined!

Between the battle of Shiva and Raiden Tameemon in Record of Ragnarok, Shiva won in the end as he spins a final heel kick and chopped off the sumo wrestler’s head. The god took the victory, however, Raiden also gave a hard time for the god of destruction. Here’s a brief explanation of their full fight. 

The second season of Record of Ragnarok on Netflix started the new year off in a big way since the anime community can’t stop raving about it. Therefore, we experience the same thrill since this brand-new season has already kept us on the tip of our seats and made us wonder whether we really know what will happen to mankind in the end.

There were multiple clashes between both sides the last time we watched this anime series. The gods won certain wars, while mankind triumphed in others, and vice versa. The gods were no longer holding back after humans defeated them in round four of the Record of Ragnarok competition because Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction, was sent as their greatest brawler.

Of course, the Valkyries sent Raiden Tameemon, who is regarded by history as the greatest sumo wrestler of all time, to give mankind another card in its hand. You’ve come to the right place if you wonder who won the battle between them. Well, let’s get started.

Record of Ragnarok: Shiva Won the Battle Against Raiden Tameemon as the God of Destruction Chopped off the Sumo Wrestler’s Head With a Final Heel Kick in the End!

In a fight that undoubtedly holds the record for “most punches thrown,” Raiden Tameemon loses to Shiva in Record of Ragnarok despite finally using all of his seemingly unbounded strength. Yes, Shiva won the battle and took a victory for the gods.  The 11-minute, 16-second fight is not without drama, with limbs and mutual adoration littering the arena toward the finish.

When mankind won in round four of the Ragnarok tournament owing to Jack the Ripper‘s clever strategies, the gods were forced into a position. Since Shiva is known to be the most powerful of all the Hindu gods, the gods had to choose him as their leader in that regard. Raiden, the greatest sumo wrestler of all time and possessor of a rare power that not many people are aware of, served as humanity’s other hidden weapon.

Because of a rare condition called hypertrophy, which caused his muscles to develop uncontrolled from birth, Raiden was unique. He was unable to stand when he was three years old due to this. However, Raiden was able to master a unique muscle-management method that allowed him to maintain control of his expanded muscles while leading a regular life. He was nevertheless far more powerful than the average person at the time.

Raiden finally began sumo fighting to help his struggling village. Despite the fact that he was far stronger than any other sumo wrestler, he understood that technique was more important than strength in sumo. He advanced through the ranks by mastering sumo skills. He constantly had to keep back his enormous muscles, but in the competitions, he took part in he still had to limit his strength since he didn’t want to damage his fellow sumo wrestlers.

Because of this, Raiden possessed the best-built muscles in recorded history, but he was unable to control them until the Ragnarok tournament when he performed Volundr with Thrud and was successful in obtaining a heavenly weapon that prevented his body from being destroyed. And for that reason, Shiva found it difficult to defeat him.

Shiva is a very strong god who rose through the Hindu pantheon by outlasting more than a thousand other deities. Rudra‘s dream was for him and his closest friend to advance together through the ranks, but Shiva’s only desire was to dance and have fun with Rudra. Except when it was only him and Rudra left, he had no choice but to battle and outlast his close friend. Shiva became the most powerful Hindu god as a result, and he was the only one powerful enough to unite thousands of gods under his rule.

Shiva was ready to confront Raiden with all of his strength since he was carrying the ambitions and dreams of more than a thousand Hindu gods. To the god of destruction’s surprise, the sumo legend emerged. However, Raiden got defeated in the end.

A last, desperate battle occurs, in which both warriors utilize their best strikes on one another while slowly chipping away at their own bodies with their devastating methods. Shiva responds to Raiden’s second palm thrust with the deadly Deva Loka, a spinning heel kick. Due to Shiva’s elevated condition, the kick precisely falls on Raiden’s fist and tears the legendary sumo wrestler’s arm in half, officially finishing the battle.

Raiden praises Shiva for providing him with a fight in which he may fully express his might as he stands on the verge of defeat. The 4-armed (now 1-armed) warrior thanks Raiden for his strength of character and fighting skills before unleashing a last spinning heel kick that completely removes the head of the huge wrestler.

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