Where Does John Lurie Live?

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John Lurie Lives in the Caribbean! blurred-reality.com

John Lurie from Painting with John lives in the Caribbean. However, the artist has not revealed the exact location of his house, where the show is entirely filmed.

Painting with John on HBO is an outstanding unscripted TV series written, created, and directed by singer, actor, and artist John Lurie himself. Each episode shows John working on his technique while painting watercolor and discussing music, art, culture, and his personal life. John’s television project, which was intended to be a private conversation program, has captured viewers’ attention with its depth and simplicity.

While the complete episodes of Seasons 1 and 2 are available on the streaming platform, only 2 episodes of Season 3 have been released to this date. As you might be aware, HBO releases the episodes each week.

On the other hand, viewers have been inserted to know where John Lurie lives since everyone knows that the show is entirely filmed in his home studio. Well, we have got you covered.

While We Know John Lurie Lives in the Caribbean, We’re Unaware of the Precise Location of His House!

People are very much curious to know where John Lurie lives since it was revealed that the entire show is filmed in his home studio. While we know that he lives in his cozy home, full of his artworks, in the Caribbean, John has not shared the exact location of his house.

John Lurie reportedly lives in the Caribbean. blurred-reality.comJohn Lurie reportedly lives in the Caribbean.
Image Source: Variety

Additionally, the house, which is in a lovely area, seems to be rather airy and has a home studio, enabling John to engage in music and painting in peace. Now let’s get to know where he has lived since his childhood.

Despite John (@john.lurie.art) was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he spent his early years traveling between Worcester and New Orleans. Although John relocated to New York City in 1974, he has also lived in Los Angeles and London over the course of his distinguished professional life. The cult-favorite musician even briefly resided in North Wales before moving back to New York City, his place of most comfort.

Before choosing to permanently quit the metropolitan lifestyle, the artist also resided in a Turkish Village and the city of Palm Springs, California. John, who values privacy, made the decision to leave his longtime home of New York City and relocate to the Caribbean as a result. According to reports, he still lives there.

John Lurie’s Marital Status!

Fans of the artist may be shocked to learn that John Lurie has never been engaged or married in his 70 years. He did, however, have a lot of love connections, some of which he discussed in his autobiography, The History of Bones. During his interviews, John did not hold back when discussing his relationships. He spoke of how one of his earlier lovers, Lisa Stroud, helped him in gaining perspective and a greater sense of self-importance.

John Lurie has never been married. blurred-reality.comJohn Lurie has never been married.
Image Source: TimeOut

Liz Ganz, an actress and dancer, and John dated in 1984. According to reports, John still got along with a few of his ex-girlfriends. In the same year, Rebecca Wright, John’s previous girlfriend, joined Liz to dance to one of John’s songs at Folk City in New York. Additionally, John identified Maria Duvall as his girlfriend in a different interview from 1978 and claimed that the two would be the stars of the film, Garden of Divorce, by filmmaker Jim Jarmusch.

According to reports from 2010, John was dating Jill Goodwin at the time. Although Jill said she was unhappy when John’s friends would show up in the middle of the night, the two seemed to be fairly close. Jill seemed to care a lot about John at the time since she voiced her concern to John Perry, who was John’s closest friend. John was going through an awful period.

John has kept his relationship private ever since, so there isn’t anything to suggest they would be splitting up. Whatever the case may be, we would like to respect his privacy and wish him well in the years to come.