Was Alexander the Great a Homosexual? Was He Gay?

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Was Alexander the Great a Homosexual? Was He Gay? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Alexander the Great has been speculated of being homosexual or gay forever. There is evidence that he preferred men over women at times. However, what complicates the situation is that he was married to 3 different women. Well, let’s examine what history says regarding his sexuality. 

Netflix is back with a new historical documentary series, this time focusing on Macedonian king Alexander the Great. The recently released, Alexander: The Making of a God, blends expert interviews with dramatic scenes.

This new documentary series follows in the footsteps of earlier series such as Queen Cleopatra, Roman Empire, and Rise of Empires, all of which are a beautiful blend of documentary and fascinating drama, with Netflix creating stunning reenactments of significant historical moments and great sequences from history.

If you’ve ever read or watched anything about Alexander the Great, you might be aware that his sexuality has forever been a subject of discussion among historians. Some theories suggest that he was a homosexual (gay). Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

Examining if Alexander the Great Was a Homosexual or Gay!

Alexander the Great‘s sexuality has been the subject of discussion among historians for decades now. While some believe he was homosexual (gay), some believe he was straight. However, the answer debate isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Alexander (played by Buck Braithwaite) is clearly depicted as queer in the recently released Netflix series, which combines documentary-style interviews with dramatic reenactments.

While the Macedonian King was married three times and had multiple children, records suggest he was hesitant to engage in sexual relationships with women. The show depicts this version of the historical character as profoundly in love with his childhood friend and military commander Hephaestion, with allusions to relationships with one of his generals, Ptolemy.

According to some historians, Ptolemy and Hephaestion were simply close friends and military mates of Alexander the Great, with no romantic relationship with the King.

Whether or not Alexander the Great was homosexual or gay is a popular discussion among historians. blurred-reality.comWhether or not Alexander the Great was homosexual or gay is a popular discussion among historians.
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Another figure mentioned in these conversations is the Persian courtier, Bagoas. While most of the evidence for Alexander the Great’s romantic relationship with persons like Hephaestion is speculative, Bagoas stands out as the most clear evidence that Alexander liked the company of men.

At the time of Alexandrian power, sex and sexuality were far more unclear, with no terminology like ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ to define specific desires. Homosexuality was widely accepted, and sexual experimentation was frequent. While Alexander the Great may not have been gay in modern terms (bisexual is probably a better descriptor), the evidence appears to point to Alexander the Great maybe preferring the company of a man over a woman.

Understanding Alexander the Great’s Sexuality From Ancient Greece’s POV; Terms Like ‘Gay’ & ‘Homosexual’ Didn’t Even Exist!

When determining if Alexander the Great was homosexual or gay, it is vital to remember that the terminology we use to describe sex and sexual encounters now differs greatly from that of 300 BCE.

In ancient Greece, words like “gay,” “lesbian,” and “bisexual” did not exist. As the historical records show, Alexander had connections with persons of all genders, but we can’t say for definite that he was gay – or anything else – because he didn’t have the language to identify himself that way. No one else did.

Terms like 'homosexual' or 'gay' didn't even exist during Alexander the Great's period. blurred-reality.comTerms like ‘homosexual’ or ‘gay’ didn’t even exist during Alexander the Great’s period.
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It’s also vital to recognize that social attitudes on gender and sexuality were markedly different in ancient Greece. In truth, homosexuality was common at all levels of society, not only at the top, and the Athenians, in particular, did not regard it to be against nature or religion.

As a result, it would be better to assume that he was bisexual since there is evidence that he may have preferred both men and women.

Alexander: The Making of a God is now streaming on Netflix.