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Vicente Fernandez’s Dad Is Ramon Fernandez: Learn About the Mexican Musician’s Mother, Wife, Young Life, Children, Siblings/Sisters, Parents’ Name, Father’s Death, Mom’s Kids & More Details!

Sep 18, 2022 @ 12:52 EDT
Vicente Fernandez’s Dad Is Ramon Fernandez: Learn About the Mexican Musician’s Mother, Wife, Young Life, Children, Siblings/Sisters, Parents’ Name, Father’s Death, Mom’s Kids & More Details!
Vicente Fernandez was born to his dad, Ramon Fernandez, a rancher, and his mother, Paula Gomez de Fernandez, a housewife. His mom died of cancer at the age of 47, and his father died of cirrhosis as a result of his drunkenness. At a young age, he and his family, including his parents and siblings, relocated to Tijuana. Mara Fernandez married Mara del Refugio Abarca, the sister of a close friend, and they had three children together.

Vicente Fernandez from El Rey, Vicente Fernández on Netflix was a Mexican musician, songwriter, actor, and film producer who lived from February 17th, 1940, until December 12th, 2021. After beginning his career as a busker and recording more than 100 albums and appearing in more than 30 films, Fernández went on to become a cultural legend. He performed traditional Mexican songs such as Ranchera.

He earned four Grammy Awards, nine Latin Grammy Awards, fourteen Lo Nuestro Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work. He sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, making him one of the most famous indigenous Mexican artists of all time. Fernández stopped doing live performances in 2016, but he kept recording and publishing music.

Over the years, Fernandez has gained a large following with both veterans and members of younger generations, in part because of his unwavering character. Fernandez continued to perform his love songs in Spanish even as other Mexican singers started singing in English to attract a larger audience. Frequently, the singer went on exhausting tours across North America, saying he would perform for his followers as long as they would listen.

On July 1, Boyle Heights celebrated Mexican Independence Day. A gathering of about 300 guests was serenaded by live musicians and on loudspeakers in Mariachi Plaza, which was decorated with festive tricolor Mexican flags and green, and white, decorations.

The late ranchera king Vicente Fernandez's timeless hits resonated for blocks before the countdown began; the audience erupted; a purple curtain fell, and a section of Bailey Street abutting Mariachi Plaza was renamed Vicente Fernandez Street.

María del Refugio Abarca Villasenor, the widow of Vicente Fernandez, made the trip to Los Angeles from her house in the vicinity of Guadalajara to join the celebration.  And now viewers are eager to learn about Vicente Fernandez's dad, read on to find more!

Before leaving, find out if Vicente really saw death.

Ramon Fernandez (A Rancher), Is the Dad of Vicente Fernandez!

Vicente Fernandez (@_vicentefdez) was born to his dad, Ramon Fernandez (a rancher), and Paula Gomez de Fernandez, his mother, who was a housewife. His mom frequently took him to the movies when he was a small child, which sparked his interest in the entertainment business.

He was raised on the ranch owned by his father, Ramon, on the outskirts of Guadalajara. He absorbed the wonderful ranchera way of life here. His mother took him and his siblings to see The King of Mexican Bolero, a movie by Pedro Infante. Vicente's passion for music was further fueled when, at the age of 8, he was given a guitar.

He started learning everything he could about the instrument and became completely engrossed in the study of Mexican folk music. Vicente worked as a mason, painter, and cabinetmaker to support his family after they relocated to Tijuana, Mexico.

At the age of 14, Vicente began singing in public places like weddings and restaurants. After that, he took part in the Jalisco radio program Amanecer Tapatío, which gave him local notoriety and launched his musical career. Fernandez married María del Refugio Abarca, the sister of a close friend, and they have three children together.

His parents are both no more. His mother, Paula Gomez de Fernandez, died of cancer at the age of 47 in early 1963. In the series The Last King: The Son of the People, Vicente Fernandez's father was revealed to be an alcoholic, macho guy who was constantly angry due to the struggles he went through with his wife, Paula Gomez, and kids. Additionally, he prohibited his children from harboring aspirations for a better life, especially Vicente, who always believed it was improper for him to have such an obstinate ambition.

Vicente claimed his dad abandoned them because they were removing them from their current home at the start of the scenario. His father hurriedly packs his luggage before telling Vicente that his entire life, everyone has blamed him for being inebriated and that alcohol has taken control of him.

Vicente insisted that his father was not a bad man despite his repugnant actions and, on occasion, even professed his love for him. Vicente Fernandez's dad died of cirrhosis as a result of his drunkenness, according to writer and journalist Olga Wornat, whose book The Last King serves as the basis for the television series.

Vicente Fernandez wanted to pay tribute to his father during the performance, so he sang MI Dear Viejo, which is a well-known song from El Charro de Huentitán, in his honor. Alejandro Fernández also appears in the film, which is supposed to be an apology for the lives of Vicente Fernández himself and his father, Ramon Fernandez.

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