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Representation Matters: Netflix’s Unicorn Academy Highlights the Subject in a Clever Manner!

Nov 6, 2023 @ 23:01 EST
Representation Matters: Netflix’s Unicorn Academy Highlights the Subject in a Clever Manner!

Unicorn Academy on Netflix smartly introduces the concept of 'self-discovery' to young kids and shows why representation matters in a very wise way. 

Finding an age-appropriate show that your children will love is a difficult task! However, if you have kids who like fantasy, adventure, and unicorns, prepare to enter the wonderful world of Unicorn Academy, currently streaming on Netflix.

The series, which includes a 72-minute special movie premiere and 8 additional episodes (plus plenty of YouTube content), follows 14-year-old adventure-obsessed Sophia Mendoza as she learns her destiny as a unicorn rider.

While Unicorn Academy does not show anything about the character's sexuality directly and some kids might not get hints, adults can easily discover that the show has somehow represented the LGBTQ+ community. It has tried to educate kids that representation matters. Well, let's discuss it in detail.

Unicorn Academy Introduces Why ‘Representation Matters’ to the Coming Generation in the Most Appropriate Way!

Representation matters!! Whether it's by your ethnicity or your sexuality. You have to represent what you are. Surprisingly, Unicorn Academy on Netflix has done a very good job of educating kids to not be scared to represent who they are and how they are.

Even though the series does not indicate anything directly, it does a lot to show the importance of self-discovery. Take the bond between Sophia and her unicorn for example. They both adore each other very much and don't want to split at the end. They both have hair colors, that appear to represent the LGBTQ+ community and try to find ways to be together at the end.

Unicorn Academy does an incredible job focusing on self-discovery. blurred-reality.comUnicorn Academy does an incredible job focusing on self-discovery.
Image Source: Netflix

Minorities can benefit from representation by gaining community support and approval. Recent research has revealed that social media has provided LGBTQ young people with outlets to connect with others, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has curtailed in-person chances.

Given the increased suicidal thoughts, sadness, and other mental health difficulties among LGBTQ adolescents as a result of the global pandemic, social media visibility has the potential to save lives.

Similarly, Ethnic Studies courses can be beneficial in assisting students in developing a critical consciousness that is culturally relevant to their lives. In this sense, representation can help students of color connect with their institution, thus making their academic aspirations more meaningful.

Thus, representation matters. And kudos to Unicorn Academy for finding a way to introduce this important subject to the upcoming generation. The series is definitely worth watching.

Meet Sophia, the Lead Character of Unicorn Academy!

Unicorn Academy provides a glimpse into each character's persona, but something tells us that when you combine a peaceful Unicorn Island with the threat of the return of grim magic, you're bound to get characters that demonstrate the awesome power of friendship and girl power!

Speaking of girl power, Sophia is a young girl on her way from ordinary to remarkable when she enrolls in Unicorn Academy, widely known as the boarding school of every child's dreams. The boarding school, which is located on Unicorn Island, teaches her how to ride and bond with unicorns, as well as how to defend magic for the entire globe.

Sophia isn't afraid to break the rules to discover the truth. blurred-reality.comSophia isn't afraid to break the rules to discover the truth.
Image Source: Netflix

When Sophia and her unicorn, Wildstar, finally bond, their hair changes color and they get a variety of exceptional abilities. Sophia does not always follow the rules, but it is what makes her so special. Because of her ambition to uncover hidden mysteries and her rebellious spirit, she enjoys watching new adventures with her family.

Unicorn Academy is now streaming on Netflix.

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