Tracy Tutor’s Plastic Surgery: Million Dollar Listing Star’s Cosmetic Alterations Explored!

Shreeyantra Rai

Tracy Tutor's Plastic Surgery: Million Dollar Listing Star's Cosmetic Alterations Explored!

Tracy Tutor, one of the breakout television stars from Bravo’s real estate reality show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles has attracted attention from the audience with her gorgeous aesthetics and also sparked rumors about plastic surgery.

Tracy Tutor is an American real estate agent and reality television star. She is one of the top brokers at Douglas Elliman and one of the five real estate agents featured on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

The only female contestant of LA edition has viewers going crazy for her looks over alleged plastic surgery.

Tracy Tutor’s Plastic Surgery is the Topic of Interest for Million Dollar Listing Fans

It’s not just her skills at selling listings that have caught the audience’s eyes but also her alluring beauty. Tracy Tutor, born on 11 August 1975 is currently 46 years old but this 46-year-old could make any 26-year-old simp over her.

She is the object of envy of women half her age. The real estate agent is that mesmerizing. The gorgeous reality star stands at a decent height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 62 kg (132 lbs).

She has beautiful hazel eyes and blonde-brown hair. She has an oval-shaped face with high cheekbones and defined facial features.

Tracy has a gorgeous hourglass figure with a body measurement of around 36-27-38 inches which makes her breathtaking in every outfit she dons.

Her cup size is 34 B and she wears a size 6 shoe. She does physical exercises and workouts regularly to maintain her physical appearance and body figure. So, has Tracy Tutor had plastic surgery, or are they mere speculations?

Tracy Tutor’s Plastic Surgery Explored!

Tracy Tutor‘s undeniable charisma and gorgeous face is not just the source of adoration and admiration but also brings about constant speculation about plastic surgery.

Her beauty is so unreal that it’s unassuming that people wonder if she has undergone any cosmetic surgery especially now that she is a television personality. Tracy Tutor is not just the object of envy but also the object of jealousy which makes people lash at her on social media.

One viewer wrote in a comment to Tracy: “Don’t show emotion, but put your insecurity on full display by plastic surgery, expensive outfits, young boyfriends.”

Comparing her recent photos from 2019, she does not look cosmetically altered in any way but talks of filler never leave. Also, she regularly contours her face which makes her nose look thin. The fact that she is 46 and does not have a wrinkle also furthers the guesses. Although that could be not aging genes.

However, she does look significantly different in older pictures before 2019. Her face back then does not seem to be the perfect aesthetic of supermodel-like glamour. She has a more natural look with a softer bone structure and dresses casually.

Her nose is also much wider around the nostril area, and less defined than it is today. While it could be a typical Hollywood nose job that nobody in Hollywood ever admits to, she appears to regularly contour her face that could be the reason behind her nose looking slimmer. The wrinkle-free star has natural lines, such as under her eyes on display.

But the comparison of her pictures now and then might not be fair since now that she’s a public figure, she barely steps out without a full face of make-up on.

Tracy Tutor’s Response to Plastic Surgery Accusations

On September 20, the Bravo star shared on her Instagram profile a stunning selfie of herself and makeup artist Hailey Hoff. Tracy  Tutor looked as glamorous as ever sporting a bronzy makeup look created by Hoff.

The gorgeous picture of hers was met with comments from her fans about her getting surgery. One follower wrote, “Wayyyyy too much Botox or surgery.” But Tracy was not having any of that nonsense as she later returned to the post and cleared the air.

“To be clear… I have not had any plastic surgery on my face,” she responded to the fan. She also added, “And to be abundantly clear, if I wanted to get plastic surgery, who the hell [are] you to judge what makes me feel better about myself. Thx and goodnight.”

She denied all the rumors about her plastic surgery but didn’t discredit those who opt to go under the knife, making her views on cosmetic procedures clear.

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