Full Cast of The Manny on Netflix: 2023

Bikram Karki

Full Cast of The Manny on Netflix: 2023 blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – The complete cast of Netflix’s The Manny includes Sandra Echeverría, Iván Amozurrutia, Diana Bovio, Anthony Giulietti, Sofia Diaz, Moisés Arizmendi, Regina Cedeño, Cassandra Iturralde, and more.

Netflix has recently released a few movies and films so that you can spend quality time with your family on the Christmas holiday. Among all the new drops, The Manny (originally titled El Niñero) has been getting a lot of attention.

The Mexican family series delves into the life of Jimena, a busy executive who strives to balance her personal and professional lives. In a hurry, she employs a rancher named Gabriel as her manny to look after her children. This completely changes her life as he questions her views on gender roles and love.

The family drama, created by Carolina Rivera, primarily takes place in and around Jimena’s home, where tension between her and Gabriel grows with each new episode, leaving viewers wondering what will happen to their relationship in the future.

Complete Cast of The Manny on Netflix!

Apart from the storyline, we have found that many people are interested to know the cast members of the Netflix series. Since it is a Mexican series, you might be familiar with the face but be confused about who exactly the actors are. Well, here is a full cast of The Manny:

Sandra Echeverría as Jimena

Sandra Echeverría plays the lead role of Jimena in The Manny. She rose to fame in Mexican telenovelas such as Marina, La Fuerza del Destino, and El Clon. She has explored music in addition to her acting profession, releasing albums and songs throughout her career. She can be found on Instagram at (@sandraecheverriaoficial).

Sandra Echeverría as Jimena in The Manny. blurred-reality.comSandra Echeverría as Jimena in The Manny.
Image Source: Netflix

Iván Amozurrutia as Gabriel

Iván Amozurrutia plays the role of Gabriel in The Manny. He first appeared on Mexican television as Osvaldo in the series Enamorándome de Ramón. Since then, he has portrayed Federico Marroqun in The Five Juanas’ and others, but he is most remembered for his amazing performance as Poncho Quiroga in the series High Heat. He can be found on Instagram at (@ivan_amoz).

Iván Amozurrutia as Gabriel in The Manny. blurred-reality.comIván Amozurrutia as Gabriel in The Manny.
Image Source: Netflix

Other Cast Members of The Manny:

Apart from Sandra Echeverría and Iván Amozurrutia, there are other Mexican notable actors who play significant roles in the success of The Manny. Some of them are:

  1. Diana Bovio
  2. Anthony Giulietti
  3. Sofia Diaz
  4. Moisés Arizmendi
  5. Regina Cedeño
  6. Cassandra Iturralde
  7. Eugenio Montessoro
  8. Alexander Tavizon
  9. Josemaría Torre Hütt
  10. Sara Isabel Quintero