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On July 31, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Shea McGee's Teeth: Did the Dream Home Makeover Cast Have Surgery? Veneers Before & After, Her Height, Weight & More!

Shea McGee's teeth have grabbed the attention of viewers as the fans of the show Dream Home Makeover have seen...
On July 30, 2022 By Reality Writer

Shea McGee’s Net Worth: The Dream Home Makeover Cast Is Worth $5 Million in 2022; House, Salary & More!

Shea McGee, believed to boast a net worth of $5 million in 2022, is a well-known celebrity house renovator who...
On July 29, 2022 By Natalia Romanova

Shea McGee’s Kids: Dream Home Makeover Star’s Daughters & New Baby Name!

Fans wonder about Shea McGee's kids, most notably her daughters, and her new baby name. Her children are named Wren,...
On July 29, 2022 By Allan Ivanov

Reddit: Are Shea and Syd McGee Mormon? Religion & Background of Dream Home Makeover Stars!

Reddit wonders if Shea and Syd McGee are Mormons as they inquire about their religion and background. Season 3 of...
On July 28, 2022 By Owen Weimann

Meet Shea McGee’s Husband, Syd McGee: Kids, Family, Wedding Ring!

Shea McGee is married to her husband Syd McGee; the Dream Home Makeover duo on Netflix were one of those...
On July 28, 2022 By Allan Ivanov

Syd and Shea McGee’s Net Worth: As of 2022, the Dream Home Makeover Cast Combined Is Worth $5 Million!

Syd and Shea McGee, the famous husband/wife duo from Netflix's Dream Home Makeover, have a combined net worth projected to...
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