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Somebody Feed Phil Oaxaca Cast & Guest: Netflix Update in 2022!

Jun 4, 2022 @ 7:35 EDT
Somebody Feed Phil Oaxaca Cast & Guest: Netflix Update in 2022!

Following the release of Somebody Feed Phil Season 5, where Philip Rosenthal examines the fast-growing culinary scenes of European capitals such as Oaxaca, Mexico, and Portland, Oregon, viewers are curious about the show's cast members and guests. Follow the article to find out more about the cast and guest appearances of the Netflix show.

Two further seasons of Somebody Feed Phil have been ordered. Season five of the travel and culinary documentary from the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond was released on Netflix on May 25.

Netflix confirmed in May 2019 that Somebody Feed Phil had been renewed for a third season, which would premiere on May 29, 2020. A fourth season was released on October 30, 2020, shot in tandem with the third. On May 25, 2022, the fifth season was released. In addition, the show was renewed for a sixth season, which was shot concurrently with season five.

Phil Rosenthal has appeared in five episodes. examines the fast-growing culinary scenes of European capitals such as Helsinki, Finland, and Madrid, Spain, as well as important towns such as Oaxaca, Mexico, and Portland, Oregon.

Previously, we touched on Brad Garrett's wife, Philip Rosenthal’s home, parents, and his mom’s death.

Somebody Feed Phil Oaxaca’s Cast, and Guest!

Even though the show, Somebody Feed Phil, is about food, the series is ultimately about human bonds. The food is merely a gateway, a terrific link. Each episode follows cast member Phil Rosenthal (@phi.rosenthal) as he explores the cuisine of the chosen city and highlights charities and non-profit organizations that operate in the area.

Rich Rosenthal, Phil's brother, is the series' executive producer and showrunner, and he occasionally appears on camera to sample the cuisine at Phil's request. Rosenthal used to include his mom and dad as guests at the end of the episodes, but they died in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

In the season, Omar Alonso, Jorge Leon, Pals Chris and Leanne, Betsaida Lopez Diaz, Alex Roa, Jimmi Simpson, and Ana Quintero have made guest appearances. Philip Rosenthal has been a cast member of the show since season 1.

As a cast member, he examines the fast-growing culinary scenes of European capitals such as Helsinki, Finland, and Madrid, Spain, as well as important towns such as Oaxaca, Mexico, and Portland, Oregon. This market is a metropolis unto itself, spanning 800 acres.

Omar Alonso

On the market tour, Phil joins culinary expert Omar Alonso (@oaxacking). They go to Doa Vale to try his famed Mimelas, which are pinched while cooking to produce divots that keep the delectable toppings.

Jorge Leon

Phil and Omar's next trip is to Alfonsina, a restaurant within the home of chef Jorge León (@cocinan), and his mother Elvia, that specializes in a mole. Phil assists in the preparation of their Mole Rojo, which they love with fish and mustard greens.

Phil goes to Rodolfo Castellanos's restaurant, Origen, with his pals Chris and Leanne, just east of the town center (the Zócalo). Phil and the group dine on salad covered with worms, a magnificent platter of the tongue, and fresh tamales prepared by chef Castellanos's mother!

Bethsaida Lopez Diaz

Betsaida Lopez Diaz (@me.encanta.oaxaca) makes a guest appearance on the show. He is the Vida Nueva founder and takes Phil on a tour of their beautiful village of indigenous Mexican women who are experts in the craft of hand weaving. It can take up to three months to weave a single rug, and all of the colors are manufactured from natural local sources.

Alex Roa

Phil meets his fixer from Mexico City, Alex Roa, at Crudo, an Oaxacan-influenced Japanese sushi bar. They dine on an Omakase menu that includes Oaxacan delicacies such as raw clams in tepache (fermented pineapple), tuna sashimi with grasshoppers, and an adobo-marinated seabass taco on a seaweed tortilla.

Jimmi Simpson

In making a guest appearance, Jimmi Simpson visits Phil at Sabina Sabe for a drink. They sample the Gavilan Reyes, a grapefruit cocktail with chile liquor described by Phil as a hot Paloma, as well as a dish of delectable Oaxacan delicacies featuring bugs. Phil and Jimmi leave the pub and go to El Lechoncito De Oro for some late-night suckling pig tacos with chicharron. Delicious!

James Raymond Simpson is an American actor who is best recognized for his parts on television, which includes recurring roles as William on Westworld (2016–2020).

Anna Quintero

Anna Quintero makes a guest appearance in the show Somebody Feed Phil. Phil meets a cultural gastronomist and takes Ana Quintero to the restaurant's unique dining room, "The Smoke Kitchen." Chef Thalia Barrios recreates the food she prepares in her town. They eat pumpkin and shrimp tamales, a tomato "festival," and a lovely soup.

For Phil's final meal in Oaxaca, he joins all of his Oaxacan pals for a family-style lunch at Alejandro Ruiz's Casa Oaxaca. Tostadas, Chile Relleno, mole, and more for a feast to cap out Phil's Oaxaca vacation on a high note.

Shota Nakajima

Shota Nakajima (@chefshota), a Japanese-American chef and television personality best known for competing on the eighteenth season of Top Chef in Portland, Oregon, appears as a guest on the show Somebody Feed Phil. Phil digs into the eclectic fare from the Pacific Northwest city's active food truck scene and gets salty with Top Chef's favorite Shota Nakajima.

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