Choi Sihun From Single’s Inferno: Age, Instagram, Height & Job of the Netflix Star!

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Choi Sihun From Single’s Inferno: Age, Instagram, Height & Job of the Netflix Star!

Choi Sihun, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Season 1, is a model. Standing at the height of 5′ 11′, the 30-year-old star also performs a variety of jobs for Hoten, a fashionable headwear company located in Seoul. Follow to know more about Sihun with his Instagram handle (@choi_hun2).

Single’s Inferno, created by Kim Jae-won and Kim Na-hyun for Netflix, is about twelve single people who meet together on a deserted island in the hopes of finding love. If they are successful in coupling up as couples for date nights without knowing the age or profession of the respective partner in advance, the participants can leave the difficulties of the island and travel to a luxurious hotel known as “paradise” instead.

As the contestants attempt to find love by knowing very little about their potential partners, the South Korean program is full of charming and hilarious moments. Exactly after a year. the show is now back on the streaming platform for its second season. Season 2 of the show premiered on Dec 13.

Even if the new season brings new faces to our screens, fans of the show still are interested to know the updates about the contestants of Season 1. One such participant is Choi Sihun. He was one of the most memorable participants, and his tangled connection with Song Ji-a kept the love drama moving forward. Well, let’s learn about him in detail.

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Choi Sihun From Single’s Inferno: Standing at the Height of 5’ 11’’, the 30-Year-Old Star Is a Model as Well as a Creative Director, Product Developer, and Lookbook Curator for Hoten!

Choi Sihun (born October 27, 1992) was one of the first nine singles to arrive on the deserted island in Season 1 of Single’s Inferno. Stand at a height of 5′ 11” (@choi_hun2), he is a model by profession. During his introductory clip, the 30-year-old stated, “I believe in destiny. I’d be really happy to find my destiny on ‘Single’s Inferno.” He gained popularity right away as a result of his strong similarity to Lee Jong-Suk, a well-known K-drama actor.

Shin Ji-Yeon expressed surprise at Sihun’s age on their date, saying she had expected him to be much younger. Sihun had a “baby face,” even the panellists agreed. Then Sihun disclosed that he owns a fashion company and continued by discussing his dating philosophy. The 30-year-old somberly said, “Maybe it’ll take a long time for me to know whom I like, but once I know, I’m all in.” Later on, in the show, he confessed to Ji-a that he had been crushing on her ever since they first eye contact. However, Ji-a chose to spend time with Kim Hyeon-Joong instead.

In the season 1 finale, the judges referred to Sihun as the “most mysterious” and questioned if he would leave the island with Kim Su-Min (@sumesume_), a rookie, given that they appeared to get along. Sihun said that while Ji-a made a good first impression, he felt more at ease with Su-Min. In a startling turn of events, he ultimately chose to visit Ji-a, according to his earlier declaration that he would stick with the person he liked.

The 5′ 11” star, however, departed the island alone since Ji-a decided to go with Hyeon-Joong. Looking at his Instagram, we still believe she is still looking for the love of his type. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get any changes in his relationship status.

It appears that following his involvement in Single’s Inferno, Choi Sihun is again in control of Hoten, a fashionable headwear company located in Seoul. In order to properly manage the brand, he performs a variety of jobs, including those of creative director, product developer, and lookbook curator. Given that his social media following has been rapidly increasing ever since the program’s debut, it’s feasible that his time on the hugely popular reality show may bring him more clients for his fashion line.

Given that he has more free time and is no longer in front of the reality show’s cameras, Sihun probably keeps himself busy with his interests in boxing and working out. Additionally, he said on social media that he watched “Single’s Inferno” from the viewpoint of a viewer and thought back on his summer.

It is obvious that Sihun had a nice time and certainly gained friends as a result of the program, regardless of how it ended. If viewers want to see more of the Seoul-based model in 2022, they can check out the shows Romanced and I Eat Well Today (also known as “I Ate Well Today“). We’re also certain that he’ll have additional acting and modeling opportunities soon!

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