Deathly Story Behind the Scar on Shaun King’s Face

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Deathly Story Behind the Scar on Shaun King’s Face – Shaun King has a visible scar on his face which he got from a horrifying accident in 2003. As his face was badly harmed from the accident, he had to receive over 400 stitches on his face.

Shaun King, a controversial activist, claims that Instagram removed his profile on Monday because of his pro-Palestinian posts. He then criticized Meta, claiming that the firm had “decided to stand in the way of those of us who are fighting for the human rights and dignity of Palestinians.”

Before his account on the Meta-owned platform was banned on Christmas Eve, King, known for his social media advocacy on movements such as Black Lives Matter, had a following of more than 5 million members.

Amid the controversy, we also have discovered that a lot of people have been interested to know more about him, especially the visible scar on his face. People want to know the story behind the scar. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Shaun King’s Face Scar Reminds Him of the Incident That Almost Killed Him!

Shaun King, who is widely popular as a controversial activist, has a very visible scar on his face. The story behind the scar might actually scare you. Imagine this: You get into a deathly accident and get over 400 stitches on your face. Horrifying right? Well, this is what exactly Shaun had to face around 20 years ago.

In November 2003, Shaun and his wife, Rai King, were heading toward his brother and his wife for a movie date. Everything seemed perfect until he reached down to the speaker and hit the repeat button as he and his wife wanted to listen to The Presence of the Lord Is Here again.

At sixty-five miles per hour, their car hit an invisible patch of black ice. To make matters worse, their car was then hit by a large pickup truck. Both Shaun and his wife were badly injured.

Shaun was immediately taken to the University of Kentucky ER. Even though the doctors predicted that multiple bones on his face had broken, it wasn’t the case, fortunately. After a couple of CAT scans, the doctors confirmed that the bones on his face were okay but the skin wasn’t. He had to receive over 400 stitches to fix his face.

Shaun King got the scar on his face from the accident he had in 2003. blurred-reality.comShaun King got the scar on his face from the accident he had in 2003.
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Shaun King was really lucky he didn’t die. He has mentioned this accident multiple times, in interviews, books, and social media platforms. Taking to Facebook, he previously mentioned the scar on his face, writing,

In 2003 I was in a brutal head on car accident. The injuries required over 400 stitches on my face alone and took me most of the next year to recover from. That’s where the scars on my face come from. Most of my teeth were badly damaged. My left eyelid and a big piece bottom lip had to be sewn back on. My left cheek was wide open from my ear to my mouth. Yeah.

Shaun King Claims That Instagram Does Not Want Him to Support Palestine!

Shaun King, a social justice activist, alleges Meta blocked him from Instagram because he posted support for Palestinians during the Israel-Hamas conflict. According to a spokesperson from Meta,

The account was disabled due to multiple instances of praise for designated entities in violation of our policies.

Shaun King was banned from Instagram on Christmas Eve. blurred-reality.comShaun King was banned from Instagram on Christmas Eve.
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The spokesperson did not elaborate on King’s violations, but Meta has come under burning since Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel for its Dangerous Organizations and Individuals policy, which states that its platforms do not allow “praise, substantive support and representation of various dangerous organizations and individuals.”

On Monday, King posted a video and a statement on his Facebook page, saying that the platform had barred him from “fighting for Palestine” online. He wrote,

I am told by my sources inside of Meta that they are tracking my IP address and will delete anything I say anywhere I say it. I formally appealed the night of the suspension, but have also now retained attorneys to proceed with the Civil Rights Division of the legal team at Meta.