Sexy Beasts Netflix Season 2 Cast, Narrator & Release Date!

Bikram Karki

Sexy Beasts Netflix Season 2 Cast, Narrator & Release Date!

Grab details of Sexy Beasts Season 2 cast & release date. Rob Delaney is the narrator for Season 2 of Sexy Beasts, a much-loved Netflix dating show in 2021.

Sexy Beasts Season 2 has piqued everyone’s interest, and understandably so. Sexy Beasts, one of the more unusual reality programs launched in recent memory, has been a peculiar yet anticipated success for Netflix – and we’ve discovered for some time when the next set of episodes will be aired.

Participants compete in amazingly detailed animal costumes to disguise their faces, determining genuine chemistry irrespective of actual looks or appearance on the dating program. The notion alone has drawn people in, and happily, there’s a lot more to see.

Sexy Beasts, adapted from Lion TV’s 2014 original British show for BBC Three, was extended for the second season by Netflix prior to the release of the inaugural season on the streaming service, thus it was obviously predicted to be hit from the start.

Sexy Beasts Netflix Season 2 Release Date

Netflix officially confirmed that Sexy Beasts Season 2 arrives on the streaming platform on 7th October 2021.

Sexy Beasts Netflix Season 2 Episodes

The debut season contained six episodes, and the second iteration won’t be any different. Thus, Sexy Beasts Season 2 will include six episodes, each roughly 30 minutes long, according to Netflix.

While shortened seasons inevitably mean fewer episodes to watch, it also indicates filming can be sped up and there won’t be too much gap between seasons.

Sexy Beasts Netflix Season 2 Cast, Narrator & Host

Rob Delaney, a popular actor/comedian, served as the narrator for the first season of Sexy Beasts and will return for season 2. This is, no doubt, fantastic news since he’s hysterical!

When it comes to cast and contestants, it’s unknown who the daters will be or whether the outfits from season 1 – scarecrow, bull, aardvark, hammerhead shark, wolf, cheetah, and so on – will be reused.

Or, will the show producers move ahead with completely new and unusual ideas?

Given the diversity they deployed the first time, they’d have to be incredibly inventive to come up with completely fresh concepts that hadn’t already been employed.

The second season of Sexy Beasts would be less thrilling if the masks were more familiar; the surprise factor was part of the enjoyment.

Sexy Beasts‘ new season premieres on Netflix on 7th October 2021.

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