Sam Gowland’s New Turkey Teeth: Before and After Pictures Examined!

Owen Weimann

Sam Gowland’s New Turkey Teeth: Before and After Pictures Examined!

In his before and after pictures, we can clearly see that Sam Gowland has new teeth now. Well, he previously revealed that he got his teeth fixed in Turkey after getting natural veneers that cost him £6,000. However, fans think otherwise. They have been slamming the 28-year-old star and making memes online for having ‘the most unnatural veneers ever.’

Sam Gowland is a British reality TV star and social media personality who gained fame through his appearances on reality shows. He first gained attention when he participated in Season 3 of Love Island in 2017.

He further got recognition after he appeared on Season 16 of Geordie Shore, where he became well-known for his role in the drama and relationships among the cast. His connection with fellow reality TV star Chloe Ferry was a major plot point on the show. A lot of you might be unaware but he is the cousin of Jonathan Grounds, who currently plays for Birmingham City.

Recently, Sam Gowland has been heavily criticized for his new teeth. The 28-year-old got new ‘turkey teeth’ sometime in September this year and fans believe his veneers are the ‘most unnatural veneers ever.’ Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Fans Have Been Slamming Sam Gowland for His New Turkey Teeth!

Sam Gowland (@samgowland) has been furious in the last few months as fans have been criticizing him heavily for his new ‘turkey teeth’. Taking to TikTok, he revealed that he got Venners to fix his teeth in September this year.

He exclaimed over his dazzling whites, insisting that no one could tell they were “fake,” and boasting that people have been asking him where he “got them done.” In the video, he explained,

I wanted to get the natural look so that’s why I’ve got them exactly like this. Absolutely perfect. I went to Turkey to get them done, which is probably the best, but you can see the shape and definition… perfect. I don’t think you’d be able to tell they’re fake.

Sam Gowland got his new Turkey teeth for £6,000. blurred-reality.comSam Gowland got his new Turkey teeth for £6,000.
Image Source: Instagram

However, fans reacted exactly the opposite. They trolled him and made many memes for having the “most unnatural teeth” on different social media. Having enough of all the trolls, Sam Gowland expressed his frustration in another TikTok video in October. Defending what his new teeth look like, he said,

I’m starting to get a little bit p***ed off now if I’m honest with you. Every single time I do a TikTok or a video, people commenting. And I know it’s for attention but people commenting saying, “worst teeth I’ve ever seen, they look like a packet of chewing gum, they look like a gumshield, they look like piano keys” but the teeth cost £6,000 to get done.

He further added,

They are so white, they have the perfect sized gap in between and the shape is absolutely perfect and there’s a reason people keep stopping me saying “where did you get your teeth done?” because they look so natural.

Fans believe Sam Gowland's teeth do not look natural at all. blurred-reality.comFans believe Sam Gowland’s teeth do not look natural at all.
Image Source: Instagram

If you look at his before and after pictures, you can clearly see his teeth have improved. However, we also cannot deny the fact that his new teeth look a little more whitish and unnatural. Nevertheless, it does not matter what we think. It’s okay until Sam feels okay about himself.

Did You Know? Sam Gowland Previously Got a Beard Transplant!

Sam Gowland got a beard transplant in 2022 as the facial hair on the sides of his face had refused to grow. The Love Island star updated his fans through Instagram before and after getting the procedure.

He revealed that the treatment was carried out using hair from the back of his head. Addressing his swollen face, he added,

So…I look like The Mummy. I’m halfway through, I shaved the back of my head. I numbed it first, it didn’t hurt. They put the hair in a tub over there and injected my face, which is very numb.

We should really appreciate Sam Gowland for being honest about getting a bear transplant and new teeth veneers to enhance his appearance. Not many celebrities have the guts to be that honest.