Debunking Sally Bretton’s Illness Rumor, Including Cancer!

Natalia Romanova

Debunking Sally Bretton’s Illness Rumor, Including Cancer! – After a detailed investigation, we confirm that Sally Bretton does not have any kind of major illness, including cancer. The rumor about her having health issues is untrue and baseless.

Sally Bretton (real name: Sally Davis) is a British actress who is best known for her portrayal of Lucy Adams in the long-running comedy series, Not Going Out. Her talent goes beyond humor and drama, as evidenced by performances on shows such as Green Wing and The Office.

She also appeared as Martha Lloyd in Death in Paradise between 2016 and 2017 and is reprising the role in the spin-off of the series, Beyond Paradise. She has built a niche in television with her magnetic charisma, enticing audiences with her subtle portrayals.

On the other hand, we have recently found that many people have observed that her appearance looks a little bit different. As a result, they wonder if she is sick. Well, let’s find out if Sally Breton has any kind of illness.

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There Is No Record of Sally Bretton Having Any Illness, Including Cancer!

In addition to her performance in Beyond Paradise, Sally Bretton is currently making headlines as many people appear to be concerned about her health. There’s a rumor on the Internet that she is suffering from some kind of major illness.

Well, we checked and did our investigation thoroughly but found nothing about her suffering from any major illness. There is no record of her having any kind of health issues.

On the other hand, a lot of people have been claiming that she has cancer. While we’ve no idea why they believe so, we would like to confirm that the news is untrue and baseless.

We don’t think a person suffering from any major illness, including cancer, would be able to work regularly. Sally Bretton’s performance in the latest episodes of Beyond Paradise looks fresh and healthy.

Sally Bretton isn't suffering from any illness. blurred-reality.comSally Bretton isn’t suffering from any illness.
Image Source: BBC

Additionally, her regular appearances in interviews and events further indicate that she does not have any kind of illness. There is not a single moment in which she seems to be sick. Likewise, Sally herself has never mentioned anything about having a problem with her health.

Therefore, we conclude that the 43-year-old actress is in absolute good health. Her consistent work in the entertainment field is enough to conclude that she does not have any kind of health issues. Lastly, we would like to suggest everyone not to speculate regarding someone’s health without any strong evidence since it is a very sensitive topic.

Who Is Sally Bretton’s Husband?

There are very few people who know about Sally Bretton‘s personal life, especially her married life since she keeps her private information out of the spotlight and isn’t even active on social media.

Well, the Beyond Paradise star is married to her husband, Lee Mack, who is a photographer. The couple also have 3 daughters, two of which were twins. They reportedly live in their family home in Hertfordshire. Sally, like her spouse, prefers to keep her children out of the spotlight.

Sally Bretton and her husband, Lee Mack. blurred-reality.comSally Bretton and her husband, Lee Mack.
Image Source: Shutterstock

Nevertheless, in an interview with the Glasgow Times in 2020 about her involvement in the play adaptation of Dial M for Murder, the actress stated that because her children are young, she does not frequently take touring theatrical roles.

My children are still quite young, so I haven’t done much theatre – touring is not a good fit with family life. My children came up to Aberdeen for half term, which was fantastic – we had a lovely time. Even saw some dolphins, which was unexpected.