Reynold Poernomo’s Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating? Is He Married or Single? Does He Have a Daughter?

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Reynold Poernomo's Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating? Is He Married or Single? Does He Have a Daughter?

Reynold Poernomo is currently engaged to his girlfriend Chelia Dinata, who lives in Bali, Indonesia. Despite fan queries, he has no daughter nor a wife since he is yet to be married. Reynold and Chelia have been dating for about seven years & there has been no word of their breakup. Reynold Poernomo’s girlfriend appears to be preoccupied with her modeling career. She is a lifestyle influencer with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Reynold Poernomo is an Indonesian celebrity chef and culinary expert. He is the creative genius behind the family business KOI Dessert Bar, as well as a lovable finalist in MasterChef Australia Back to Win 2020, where millions of viewers were captivated by Reynold’s unwavering pursuit of excellence. In 2017, he was named a finalist in the Gault & Millau Pastry Chef of the Year awards and was named one of Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30.

The 29-year-old chef’s ground-breaking creations have amassed a social media following of over a million people. After appearing in season seven of MasterChef Australia, Reynold Poernomo became a household name in Australia and is dubbed the Dessert King. Fans want to know about his love life. Who is Reynold Poernomo dating in 2023? Here is everything you need to know.

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Meet Reynold Poernomo’s Girlfriend Chelia Dinata: He Has Been Dating Chelia for About Seven Years & There Has Been No Word of Their Breakup; He Has No Daughter Because He Has No Wife & Is Yet To Be Married!

Reynold Poernomo (@reynoldpoer) is currently in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Chelia Dinata who lives in Bali, Indonesia. He isn’t married yet so he doesn’t have a daughter. There has been no word of their breakup. They’ve been dating for about seven years. Reynold’s girlfriend seems to be focusing on her modeling career. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She is a lifestyle influencer with over 34.1k Instagram followers (@cheliadinata). Moreover, Chelia works at By Chhino, a local Indonesian cookie company.

Reynold revealed that he met Chelia for the first time on Christmas Eve in 2016 when she walked into KOI Dessert Bar, the restaurant he owns with his family. She was with her father, whom Reynold mistook for her boyfriend. Chelia’s father was friends with Reynold’s older brothers, Ronald and Arnold, and when he found out they weren’t in a relationship, he asked them to set him up.

As they continue to live apart, Chelia has been watching MasterChef episodes whenever she can, and the regular phone calls and spontaneous deliveries keep the romance alive. When the dessert king was unable to visit Chelia due to the coronavirus pandemic he described the distance as ‘100 percent tough’. He also admitted that the pandemic has complicated their long-distance relationship.

On June 5, 2020, Reynold sent Chelia a large bouquet of flowers. She posted photos of a stunning pink and white floral arrangement to Instagram at the time. In a flirty white top and slim-fit blue jeans, the social media influencer posed next to the flowers. She clearly misses her boyfriend, she wrote in the post’s caption. Furthermore, Reynold left heartfelt comments beneath Chelia’s other posts.

Other than this, Reynold Poernomo, 29, has previously spoken about losing touch with his mother tongue, Bahasa after moving to Australia with his family from Indonesia when he was four years old. Years later, after meeting his girlfriend Chelia Dinata, he said he reconnected with the language. He has been able to speak in Bahasa again although he is still learning.

Grab Every Detail on Reynold Poernomo’s Family Members

Reynold Poernomo was born on December 4, 1993, in Surabaya, Indonesia, to parents Boyke Malada and Junarmo Poernomo. His mother was a certified commercial cooker trainer before opening the Sydney patisserie Artplate. She inspired Reynold to become a chef and taught him some culinary techniques. Reynold has openly stated that his family was initially opposed to him pursuing a career in cooking due to the competitive nature of the field. However, once they saw his passion, they became extremely supportive.

The dessert king is the youngest of three brothers, with two older brothers named Arnold and Ronald. Arnold is a professional chef who has served as a judge on MasterChef Indonesia. Similarly, his brother Ronald is a former digital media expert who now manages their family bar’s day-to-day operations and even creates creative cocktails. Poernomo’s family moved to Australia when he was a child.

His family owns and operates KOI Dessert Bar. It is located in Sydney and is run by all three Poernomo brothers, with Reynold and Arnold focusing on food & Ronald focusing on cocktails/general management. Their bar has made a name for itself in the city with its one-of-a-kind creations, which include vegetable-based desserts. The dishes are also served seasonally, based on what vegetables and fruits are in season at the time.

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