Reality House Season 3 Cast: Meet Them on Instagram!

Allan Ivanov

Reality House Season 3 Cast: Meet Them on Instagram!

Reality House Season 3 cast includes Peter Vigilante, Mariah (Lava Girl), Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, Louie Castro, Kane Trujillo, Camilla Colbro, Em Bodoe, Yousef Erakat (Fousey), and Taylor Blake.

Reality House, a YouTube show in which ten content creators reside in a massive Big Brother-style house, has begun Season 3.

As the show began, we met the participants looking to win $100,000. There’s always plenty happening in the home, from a Too Hot to Handle star to explosive confrontations.

Reality House Season 3 Cast

Reality House, led by YouTube account KianAndJc, receives approximately 1 million views per episode!

On Instagram, we finally got to meet the entire Reality House Season 3 contestants.

Peter Vigilante

Peter Vigilante is a TikTok celebrity and licensed fitness instructor. More precisely, it seems that Peter devotes the majority of his time to Staten Island, where his fitness center is located.

The Reality House alum is also a YouTuber, with over 2k subscribers. Peter has only published two videos, but following his Netflix debut, he may begin making more!

He is believed to be quite close to his family, particularly his mother. The 22-year-old, who celebrated his birthday on 6th September, grew up competing in pole vaulting contests — and Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Season 2.

Peter is available on Instagram as @petervigilante.

Mariah (Lava Girl)

Mariah, also known as @lavagrlll, began her Twitch career as a content creator. The 21-year-old works as an accountant and spends time as a gamer.

She claimed she is on Reality House to triumph! She is situated in Los Angeles, California. Mariah also stated that her followers have assisted her in creating a wholesome community.

Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall loves boxing and is the co-founder of the lifestyle beverage company Ani Energy. Besides spending most of his time on TikTok and YouTube, he is also the entrepreneur behind Party Animal Brand clothes.

Bryce was formerly linked to TikTok starlet Addison Rae but is now said to be seeing co-star Tana Mongeau.

He is active to over 7 million followers on Instagram.

Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau admitted that she has no idea what she is recognized for other than being canceled and receiving Ls.

On her YouTube channel, she is renowned for creating “storytime” clips and other related stuff.

Tana announced on Snapchat on 10th February 2017, that she was being probed by the FBI after somebody hacked into her accounts and delivered a terrorist and shooting warning to McCarran International Airport.

And, unlike Bryce, the Reality House star claims she is in the house to create havoc and stir controversy. She has 5.7 followers on Instagram.

Louie Castro

Louie Castro, also known as “The Baddest Perra,” is a YouTuber, who creates content and vlogs.

On his Louie’s Life channel, the 22-year-old frequently conducts make-up lessons and cooking videos.

Louie was born and reared in Watsonville and is of Mexican descent. He began shooting films in 2014, while still a student at Watsonville High.

He has been on Univision as well as award events such as the Latin Grammys. Louie is active on Instagram as @louiecastro.

Kane Trujillo

Kane Trujillo, a TikTok sensation from Columbia, is 21 years old. He previously fought Blueface in a bare-knuckle boxing match, which he ended up losing.

He is most known for his amusing videos, and he is now prepared to earn money on Reality House.

Kane is active on Instagram as @kanetrujillo.

Camilla Colbro

Model and mother Camilla Colbro is a model for Directions USA Models in Los Angeles, California.

Camilla from Reality House also collaborates with DT Model Management and said that she is particularly noted for getting viral on TikTok.

It unfolded after she posted a video of herself getting her forehead tattooed! Meet her on Instagram, @camillacolbro.

Em Bodoe

Em Bodoe is a tattoo model famous for her “spiderweb t&&s.” Despite having little preparation time, she’s in the house and ready to earn $100,000!

In her Instagram bio, the TikTok star labels herself as a “bald b&&&h from LA.” She is also a dog mom who considers her canine companion to be the love of her life.

Yousef Erakat (Fousey)

Fousey Erakat is a YouTuber from the United States who does parodies, vlogs, comedic skits, and interviews. Erakat has two additional channels besides FouseyTUBE: Fousey and DoseOfFousey.

The 31-year-old gym enthusiast from Fremont, California, was raised by Palestinian folks. He even wrote his own book, titled Warning: This Is Not A Motivational Book!

He has over 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

Taylor Blake

Taylor Blake describes herself as a “full-time roadie,” living in a 16-foot trailer with her partner and their three dogs.

She frequently chronicles her life on the streets, which has earned her a massive following of 242K followers.

In her Instagram account, the blogger calls herself a Jesus embracing, mildly hilarious, lesbian, and she has her own online business!

Sunni, Roux, and Finnegan, her dogs, are also on Instagram! You may find them on Twitter at @threeroaddogs.

You can check out Reality House on YouTube now.

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