Raymond ‘Ray’ Trapani Wife: Is He Still Married to Kimberly Costanzo?

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Raymond ‘Ray’ Trapani Wife: Is He Still Married to Kimberly Costanzo? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – As per various reports, Raymond ‘Ray’ Trapani is still married to his wife, Kimberly Costanzo. The couple reportedly started dating in 2021 and got married shortly after. They also have a son together.

Bitconned, the latest true-crime documentary film on Netflix, appears to be a warped remark on what one may get away with if they are wealthy and have family ties in the United States of America. The film tells the narrative of one of the largest financial scams in cryptocurrency history, as narrated by the pompous and suave scammer behind it— Raymond “Ray” Trapani.

While there is an overall sense of being critical of the matter without being upfront about it, Bitconned does feel like an elaborate excuse created by Ray and his merely annoying family members at points.

Apart from his doings, we have also found that many viewers have been wanting to know about his married life. Well, here is everything you need to know about Ray Trapani’s wife.

Raymond ‘Ray’ Trapani and His Wife, Kimberly Costanzo, Have Been Together Since 2021!

Raymond “Ray” Trapani was married to his wife, Kimberly Costanzo, at the time he was “sentenced” and received no jail time in 2022. And it seems the couple is still together.

As mentioned in the Netflix documentary, Ray met Kim in 2021 while he was free on bail but wearing an ankle bracelet. She became pregnant a month later, and they married soon after. Their son Liam was born on April 4, 2022, the day Ray was sentenced. Ray was unable to attend the birth due to a court appearance, but he did get to see his son via video call on his way to the hospital.

Raymond "Ray" Trapani and his wife, Kimberly Costanzo. blurred-reality.comRaymond “Ray” Trapani and his wife, Kimberly Costanzo.
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According to reports, Kimberly works as a Long Term Substitute Teacher. She has worked as a JV soccer, Head Coach at St. Mary’s High School, Coordinator at Nubest, and Guest Services at The Inn At Fox Hollow Hotel.

Even though they do not share much about their family, Ray Trapani and his wife blissfully live together with their son.

Ray Trapani Was Able to Escape From the Charges but His Colleagues Weren’t!

Despite all of his deceptive advertising and being the genius behind the Centra Tech scam, Ray Trapani was able to make his own escape by ratting on his fellow founders. He pleaded guilty to all counts and agreed to cooperate with the FBI and turn against his two coworkers.

Ray Trapani worked with the FBI after pleading guilty to all the charges. blurred-reality.comRay Trapani worked with the FBI after pleading guilty to all the charges.
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Ray led the authorities to all of the company’s wrongdoings, and by the end of the criminal trial, he was sentenced to time served, which meant that he faced no jail time. While his family members rejoiced, Ray went to the hospital, where his wife had just given birth to a baby boy.

Robert Farkas and Sorbee Sharma, on the other hand, did not have the same luck because they did not come from a powerful family who would have had experience dealing with such legal difficulties. Farkas was sentenced to a year in prison, which he has completed, whilst Sorbee is still in prison, completing an eight-year sentence. Surprisingly, the scammers had been scammed by a college student who appeared to be a prominent lawyer online which led the company into further difficulty.

The ending of Bitconned also says how none of Centra Tech’s investors have ever received any of their money back, implying that Ray Trapani took a considerable amount of the company’s finances before turning against it. Ray’s shameless purchase of a new house only months after his trial finished, with no apparent source of this money still identified, lends credence to this theory.