Randall Carlson’s Wikipedia: Education, Age, College & Books of the Geology Expert!

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Randall Carlson’s Wikipedia: Education, Age, College & Books of the Geology Expert!

Randall Carlson has recently been a trending person as people have been fascinated by his theories. The 71-year-old joined Graham Hancock from Netflix’s Ancient Apocalypse in the JRE podcast where they gave different theories. As a result, people have been seeking more information about the geology expert, including his education, college, and books. Well here’s Randall Carlson’s complete Wikipedia.

Netflix has recently done a remarkable job presenting the content of different genres to its audiences. From a real-life-based series to a documentary, the streaming platform is bringing what the audiences are preferring time and again. Similarly, Netflix premiered Ancient Apocalypse on November 11, 2022, which shows the history of human civilization presented by journalist Graham Hancock.

In the Netflix series, Graham attempts to put together the pieces of his three decades of research on early human civilizations that may have existed prior to the time period historians and archaeologists focus on. According to his theory, all of these artifacts demonstrate the existence of human civilizations dating all the way back to the Ice Age, when people were still regarded as hunter-gatherers and incapable of performing complex tasks like constructing or farming.

For the promotion, Graham went to The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast hosted by Joe Rogan. Randall Carlson, who happens to be very close with Graham, also joined the podcast and acknowledged a lot of things. As a result, he gained a lot of popularity and people have been wanking to know who he really is. Well, here is the complete Wikipedia of Randall.

Randall Carlson’s Wikipedia: The 71-Year-Old Is an Expert in Geology; Education, College & Books of the Geomythologist!

Randall Carlson is a 71-year-old American podcast host, structural fashion producer, and geomythologist (geology expert) from Seattle, Washington. He was born on March 26, 1951, and is a well-known figure who is known for his work on the Kosmographia Podcast. Randall currently resides in Wauconda, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.

Although this individual is well-known in his field, Randall is currently the subject of a worldwide search. Talking about his education, he went to a public school in his hometown to finish his early and continued to be one of the top students there. He was exceptional in the classroom as well. This personality has always had a fascination with geomythology. Carlson followed his passion, studied geomythology in college, and earned a bachelor’s degree as a result.

The majority of Randall’s early years were spent in Seattle, Washington, where he first began working. He learned a lot and gained a lot of experience from his first work, which helped him later in life. These days, Randall’s podcast Kosmographia Podcast, often known as the Randall Carlson podcast, is gaining popularity.

On the internet, Carlson’s podcast is quite well-known and popular. His life experiences have been shared on the platform, and many internet users are curious to learn more, especially after his appearance in The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He has also written books like 21st Century Supercarrier and The Information Superhighway: Strategic Alliances in Telecommunications and Multimedia.

Randall participated in a wide range of research and worked on numerous significant projects. Carlson’s work with the Association of Science Teachers, however, is what is most well-known about him. He devoted his entire life to the study of geomythology.

By the time of this writing, his YouTube channel, The Randall Carson, has amassed more than 133+ K subscribers. On August 10, 2019, he released his debut video, “Randall Carlson Podcast Ep001 with RC, Brothers of the Serpent, Normal Guy Mike, and GCREX admin Bradley.”

Of course, people have been seeking more information about him considering how much popularity he is gaining because of his theories. Although we don’t have much information about him, we promise we’ll get back to you very soon as our research team has been doing their best to know him.

Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix: Plot!

In the documentary Ancient Apocalypse, Graham Hancock, an adventurous journalist, travels the world in search of enigmatic ancient civilizations. Coincidentally, Graham Hancock’s son is a senior manager of unscripted originals at Netflix.

He embarks on an exploration and investigation of human history over the many episodes of the show. With the release of the new docuseries Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix, the company is delving into the world of history and exploring historical beliefs.

The journalist declares that he has been traveling and filming the globe for his upcoming series for the previous two years of his life. The author will travel to several archaeological sites during the course of the eight episodes of the upcoming original docuseries.

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