Park Min-Kyu From Single’s Inferno: Find Him on Instagram!

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Park Min-Kyu From Single's Inferno: Find Him on Instagram! – Park Min-Kyu from Netflix’s Single’s Inferno 3 is a 34-year-old police officer from South Korea who is widely known for his height (6’3”) and broad shoulders. You can find him on Instagram at (@ssrt_mk).

The much-awaited Korean reality series, Single’s Inferno, is back for its third season on Netflix. Three episodes of the new season were released on December 12, 2023. The show debuted in 2021 and quickly gained a devoted fanbase due to the show’s stunning and dramatic nature.

12 competitors are placed on the island of “Inferno” and must participate in challenges to couple up. Once a desirable couple is matched, they are sent to “Paradise,” a posh hotel where they can get to know one another. Along with the tension and matching, a panel of panelists, including comedian Hong Jin-kyung, actress Lee Da-hee, Super Junior member Kyuhyun, rapper Hanhae, and YouTuber Dex, comment on the show.

Park Min-Kyu, who enters the show in episode 2 of the new season, has been getting all the attention among the singles in the show and viewers because of his height and wide shoulders. Of course, many people have been dying to know more about him. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Park Min-Kyu From Single’s Inferno Is a 34-year-old South Korean Police Officer: Find Him on Instagram!

Standing at the height of 6′ 3” and with such boulder shoulders, Park Min-Kyu immediately catches the attention of Yun Ha-Jeong and Yu Si-Eun as soon as he steps on the set of Single’s Inferno.

Park Min-Kyu is reportedly 34 years old as of this writing. As for his profession, he is a police officer in South Korea. Additionally, he is also a search and rescue swimmer and a member of the Korea Coast Guard Sea Special Rescue Team.

Park Min-Kyu is widely popular for his broad shoulders. blurred-reality.comPark Min-Kyu is widely popular for his broad shoulders.
Image Source: Instagram

It’s safe to assume that he is on duty 24 hours a day, never knowing when he’ll be called in. It makes it reasonable that he has such a tough profession given his level of discipline and commitment.

He can be found on Instagram at (@ssrt_mk) where he has more than 8k followers. He only has 6 Instagram posts as of this writing, but based on the responses, he’s already very popular among Netflix viewers.

Min-Kyu appears to have used dinosaur emojis on his latest Instagram postings after being characterized as having a “dinosaur look” by Yun Ha-Jeong. Many followers picked up on the humor and pointed it out in his Instagram comments area. Meanwhile, others have commented on his social media posts saying they are “rooting for him” on the show.

Park Min-Kyu’s Journey on Single’s Inferno So Far!

Both Yun Ha-Jeong and Yu Si-Eun were interested in Park Min-Kyu and gave their tickets to him for a chance at Paradise. What’s interesting is that Ha-Jeong and Si-Eun knew each other and had even met outside before Single’s Inferno.

He eventually chose Ha-Jeong, leaving Si-Eun disappointed. They spent time together in Paradise until the same twist brought Ha-Jeong and Lee Gwan-Hee together.

Park Min-Kyu chooses Yu Si-Eun over Yun Ha-Jeong. blurred-reality.comPark Min-Kyu chooses Yu Si-Eun over Yun Ha-Jeong.
Image Source: Instagram

In the first Inferno, Gwan-Hee was paired with Choi Hye-Seon. However, following the twist, he shifted to the second Inferno. On their trip to the second Inferno, he and Ha-Jeong became friends. Park Min-Kyu, on the other hand, shifted to the first Inferno, where he connected the most with Kim Gyu-Ri. Choi Min-Woo also addressed Gyu-Ri ahead of the new Paradise pairing, expressing regret for not picking her earlier.

Even though it is too early to conclude who the singles will pair up with, we are pretty sure Park Min-Kyu has been a heartthrob of the viewers and we hope to see him find his love with one of the contestants.

Single’s Inferno is now streaming on Netflix.