Is Orion and the Dark a LGBTQ Movie? Summary, Review, Release Date & Characters

Owen Weimann

Is Orion and the Dark a LGBTQ Movie? Summary, Review, Release Date & Characters – Orion and the Dark does not have any content regarding the LGBTQ community. The movie (released on Feb 2) and the characters revolve around a kid overcoming his fear of the dark. Well, here’s a quick plot summary and some reviews.

Orion and the Dark, a fantasy adventure film on Netflix, tells an exciting and poignant story about a little kid who learns to confront his fears after spending a crazy night with naturally supernatural Entities. Dark is a massive, benevolent Night Entity whose feelings have been harmed throughout the years by everyone’s combined dislike and dread of him.

As a result, he resolves to prove everyone wrong by inviting Orion, a boy known for his extensive list of anxieties, including a dread of darkness, to accompany him on a fantastic voyage around the world. The expedition yields significant revelations for the ancient Entity, his kindred allies, Orion, and his successors to come.

While Orion and the Dark has already emerged in the Global Top 10 Chart, we have found that many people (who are considering watching the movie) wonder if the movie includes LGBTQ content. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Orion and the Dark Does Not Showcase Any LGBTQ Content!

Orion and the Dark has managed to make it into the Netflix global Top 10 within less than a week of its release. To be precise, the movie was released on February 2, 2024. However, does it include LGBTQ content?

While the movie can be regarded as colorful and creative, we would like to inform you that it does not include any kind of LGBTQ content. Regardless of what you think regarding the LGBTQ community, you can let your kids watch the movie on Netflix. The movie is surely a treat for everyone who loves animation.

Orion and the Dark does not contain any kind of LGBTQ content. blurred-reality.comOrion and the Dark does not contain any kind of LGBTQ content.
Image Source: Netflix

Meet All the Characters From Orion and the Dark

Speaking of the characters, here’s the list of all the major characters in Orion and the Dark and the actors who play them:

  • Jacob TremblayOrion
  • Colin HanksAdult Orion
  • Paul Walter HauserDark
  • Angela Bassett Sweet Dreams
  • Ike BarinholtzLight
  • Natasia DemetriouSleep
  • Golda RosheuvelUnexplained Noises
  • Nat FaxonInsomnia
  • Aparna NancherlaQuiet
  • Carla GuginoOrion’s Mom
  • Matt DellapinaOrion’s Dad
  • Nick KishiyamaTycho
  • Mia Akemi BrownHypatia
  • Shannon Chan-KentAdult Hypatia
  • Jack FisherRichi Panichi
  • Werner HerzogNarrator
  • Shino NakamichiSally
  • Ren HanamiAdult Sally

Orion and the Dark Plot Summary

Orion and the Dark on Netflix presents the narrative of Orion, an 11-year-old kid whose life is dominated by terror. He’s afraid of a variety of things, including violent gutter clowns, mosquito bites, falling from a skyscraper, public speaking, and the forthcoming school field trip to the planetarium. But he is most terrified of the darkness.

One night, after his parents have tucked him into bed, Orion is visited by the corporeal representation of darkness. This nightly visitor whisks the child away on a fantastic voyage where Orion learns to confront and overcome his anxieties.

At the end of the film, we travel to the future when Orion is an old man. As he looks into the night sky, plainly no longer terrified of the dark, he sits next to someone. Since we do not want to spoil everything, visit Netflix to find out who that person is.

Reviews From Parents

Orion and the Dark is getting a lot of positive reviews. Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes has rated the movie as Certified Fresh 85%, with critics applauding its innovation and style.

Meanwhile, here are some positive words from parents. One parent wrote,

I think this movie is for 13 and up because it has things that little kids cannot see for example: he likes that girls. dating or any of that is not for little kids Sorry to say That. But its a good movie i recomend every one watching this.

Orion and the Dark is getting positive words from most parents. blurred-reality.comOrion and the Dark is getting positive words from most parents.
Image Source: Netflix

Similarly, another wrote,

A good movie and inspirational about fears and learning to be more of a risk taker. This is a really sweet movie for children especially for young kids, it has amazing role models and awesome characters!! It was great for a family movie night! And it’s on NETFLIX, so you don’t need to go to the cinema to watch it!