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English Voice Actors From the Onimusha Anime on Netflix: Complete Cast!

Nov 7, 2023 @ 2:44 EST
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English Voice Actors From the Onimusha Anime on Netflix: Complete Cast!

People are seeking the complete list of English voice actors (cast) of Onimusha as the Netflix anime has impressed many viewers with its English dubbing. Well, here's a complete list.

Onimusha, a Japanese action anime on Netflix, follows a hero on a demon-hunting odyssey as he battles the evil around him as well as the one within. Musashi Miyamoto, a renowned fighter, accepts the assignment to defeat Samurai Iemon before his rebellious decline takes him too far.

To accomplish this, the former man takes the help of an ancient artifact known as the Oni Gauntlet, which grants him the capacity to combat otherworldly monsters, even at the expense of his own humanity. The show combines moral quandaries with horrific supernatural confrontations to create a fascinating and captivating story.

On the other hand, we have found that many viewers have been impressed with the English dubbing of the anime. As a result, they want to know the English voice actors behind the anime. Well, we've got you covered.

Onimusha: Complete List of the English Voice Actors From the Netflix Anime!

The English version of Onimusha has been praised by many viewers. blurred-reality.comThe English version of Onimusha has been praised by many viewers. 
Image Source: Netflix

Not too many anime succeed in impressing viewers with its English dubbing. Over the years, people have always criticized the English dubbing of many animes. However, it's not the same with Onimusha. People have been equally impressed with the performance of the English voice actors.

Unsurprisingly, many viewers want to know the complete cast of the English version of the anime. Well, here's a complete list of the voice actors:

Alain Mesa - Musashi Miyamoto
Chris Hackney - Kaizen
Christopher Swindle - Gorō-Maru
Greg Chun - Kojirō Sasaki
Kirk Thornton - Kensuke Matsui
Kyle McCarley - Gensai
Matthew Yang King - Heikurō
Robbie Daymond - Iemon
Sarah Williams - Sayo
Yuri Lowenthal - Sahei
Allegra Clark - Female Innkeeper, Sayo's Mother
Chris Hackney - Yoshioka Denshichiro, Sayo's Father
Christopher Swindle - Onibi
Dave B. Mitchell - Unsho, Yoshioka Seijuro
Fred Tatasciore - Alfred
Greg Chun - Male Inkeeper
Kirk Thornton - Monk 
Kyle McCarley - Yoshioka Matashichiro

Spoilers Ahead: Is Musashi Dead or Alive at the End of Onimusha?

Musashi sees Sayo walk away from the mines after dropping the Oni gauntlet and reverting to his old ways to battle Kojiro. As a result, Sayo is long out of danger and back into the forest as the boulders shatter around the two warriors as they square off against each other on uneven ground but match skills. She watches the mountains crumble and prays for the people trapped inside, probably including Musashi.

Although Sayo returns to civilization with her one block of gold providing her with shelter and comfort, Musashi does not receive the same treatment. Given that the warrior is last seen fighting the demonic Kojiro while surrounded by deadly falling rocks, his seeming death is the inevitable conclusion for spectators to reach.

Nonetheless, before the anime ends, Master Onsyu gets the Oni Gauntlet, which has been delivered to his doorstep. Onsyu investigates and discovers that no one has seen anyone leave it off, despite the fact that it has been sitting by his temple for the thirty-three days that the monk agreed to lend it to Musashi.

It's uncertain whether or not Musashi dies at the end of Onimusha. blurred-reality.comIt's uncertain whether or not Musashi dies at the end of Onimusha.
Image Source: Netflix

As a result, while there is no definitive answer to the samurai's death, this incident shows the warrior may have escaped the deadly gold mines alive. Finally, unless the Oni Gauntlet has a habit of appearing in Onsyu's care on its own, this could be a huge signal concerning Musashi's survival. We shall find it on the upcoming season, if renewed.

Onimusha is now streaming on Netflix.

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