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Nick Radner From Outlast: Find the 36-Year-Old Educator & Wrestling Coach on Instagram!

Mar 15, 2023 @ 5:53 EDT
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Nick Radner From Outlast: Find the 36-Year-Old Educator & Wrestling Coach on Instagram!

Nick Radner, one of the cast members of Netflix's Outlast, is a 36-year-old teacher at Palm Harbor University High in Palm Harbor, Florida. In addition, he is also the wrestling coach in the same school. Follow to know more about Nick's journey in the Netflix show with his Instagram handle (@forestfire_nick). 

The tasks outlined in Netflix's Outlast are not for the faint of heart. Every day, the participants in this captivating survival series must push themselves to stay ahead of the competition. This strategy, however, is easier said than done given the harsh conditions they must endure.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Nick Radner, one of the winners of the reality show's first season, has such a large fan base. His time on the show was far from easy, but he thrived and won alongside his teammates. People are naturally curious about Nick's whereabouts these days. Fortunately, here is what we know about it!

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Nick Radner From Outlast: The 36-Year-Old Survivor Is a High-School Teacher and Wrestling Coach Who Helped His Team to Win the Class 3A, District 8 Wrestling Tournament in 2018!

Nick Radner (@forestfire_nick) from Netflix Outlast is a survivalist and educator based in Tampa, Florida. He is currently a student at Palm Harbor University High in Palm Harbor, Florida. Nick is not only an English Language Arts teacher, but he is also the school's wrestling coach. In fact, in 2018, his team won the Class 3A, District 8 wrestling tournament.

The Outlast cast is a strict teacher who wants the best for all of his students. In fact, he may even be a perfectionist because he tells his students that they must be the best at what they do or else it's a waste of time. In addition, The 36-year-old survivor enjoys going on solo expeditions away from the whiteboards and papers. He recently climbed Mount Shasta on his own to prepare for the Outlast competition. He has previously traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevadas, and the United States Northeast.

Nick Radner, who entered the Netflix series at the age of 36, was determined to be one of the winners. When the participants discovered that they could form their own teams, he was quick to join Charlie Camp. Angie Kenai, Andrea Hilderbrand, and Seth Lueker (@sethlueker)  were among his teammates. Nick's group was able to build a good shelter and start a fire thanks to their cooperation and resourcefulness. While he appeared eager to take charge, his demeanor did not sit well with Angie, who did not want to be dismissed simply because she was a woman.

Charlie Camp's life was complicated when Andrea left after the first night due to health concerns. Nick was upset because he mistook this for quitting, which he disliked. Meanwhile, his feud with Angie raged on, reaching a climax during the task when all teams were given the opportunity to obtain crab pots. After building the raft, the team had to decide who would go on the mission and navigate the Neka river.

Nick Radner was adamant about sending Seth, but Angie argued that because she was lighter, she would be a better fit. Finally, the latter was the only participant to receive crab pots, which significantly altered Nick's opinion. Soon after, Delta Camp approached Charlie Camp and asked if they could borrow one of the crab pots. Nick and his team agreed to the request and spent time convincing Paul Preece to join their team.

Following Jordan Williams' (@jordan_xx_williams) evacuation, Paul switched to Charlie Camp, pitting the entire group against the remaining Delta Camp members, Dawn Nelson and Joel Hungate. Nick's team, now the only Camp with four members, continued to dominate the competition. They even formed an alliance with Alpha Team, which led to their decision to reject Javier Colón's request to join Charlie Camp.

When Angie had to be medically evacuated, Nick's team suffered a significant setback. Nonetheless, the three survivors resolved to do their best in her honor. With only Camps Charlie and Alpha available, the former attempted to entice Jill Ashock, who declined the offer. Their second proposal was to Justin, who agreed to the switch but was fired when some of his actions irritated the other three Charlie Camp members.

The remaining players were asked to reach a certain point in order to be declared the winner in the final stretch. While Nick Radner's team took a longer route that was frequently interrupted by cold water streams, the other group encountered harsher terrain. In the end, Charlie Camp won the competition and took home the $1 million prize.

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