Nasim Irsan From I Am a Killer: How Was He Involved in the Death of Gelareh Bagherzadeh & Coty Beavers? Where Is He Today?

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Nasim Irsan From I Am a Killer: How Was He Involved in the Death of Gelareh Bagherzadeh & Coty Beavers? Where Is He Today?

Nasim Irsan from Netflix’s I Am a Killer claims that he was desperate to get his father, Ali Irsan’s, approval which led him to help Ali in the murder of sister Nesreen Irsan’s best friend, Gelareh Bagherzadeh, and husband, Coty Beavers. As of today, he is at the John B. Connally Unit waiting for his parole in 2035. Since many Reddit users wanted to know about Nasim Irsan’s doings in detail, here’s everything we know.

I Am a Killer, a successful first-person real crime series on Netflix, premiered season 3 in August 2022. Season 4 has already been released due to the show’s popularity. I Am a Killer season 4 includes six stories of individuals who are serving life terms in jail for murder. The season is executive produced by Danny Tipping and Ned Parker.

Along with talks with the victims’ family and friends, it also includes interviews with the relatives and friends of those who are behind bars. To provide viewers a glimpse into what went on behind the scenes, the series also includes interviews with authorities who worked on these cases.

Nasim Irsan opens the fourth episode of the show titled A Father’s Shadow by explaining to the viewer how he became involved in both murder and his father’s strict behavior. He claims his innocence and informs the audience that the religious narrative the media was promoting was untrue. Since many people, mostly Reddit users are curious to learn about Nasim Irsan and what he did in detail, here’s everything we know.

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Nasim Irsan From I Am a Killer: Here’s How He Helped His Father, Ali Irsan, to Kill His Sister Nesreen’s Best Friend, Gelareh Bagherzadeh, and Husband, Coty Beavers!

Nasim Irsan, as his name suggests, is a Muslim boy. Nasim was raised in a strict Muslim household where devotion to prayer was valued highly. If Nasim missed even one prayer, his father Ali Isran, according to Nasim, would begin beating him. He had twelve siblings, and he referred to his two oldest sisters as being like mothers.

Nadia and Nesreen, two sisters, took care of everyone’s meals and housecleaning duties. While his sisters raised the children, Nasim Irsan’s only remembrance of his parents is bitterness. He claims that neither his mother nor even his father would ever prepare food for the kids or provide a hand with duties around the house. His father moved to Texas, in the United States, from Jordan, in the Middle East.

People like Nasim Irsan did not experience freedom, despite having lived in a country where it is taken for granted. Making friends was not permitted for Nasim or his siblings. Even worse, when his father Ali learned that he had friends, he was taken out of school. Nasim had no idea how the outside world worked and was not permitted to walk a single inch without his father’s approval. He claims that the crime he and his father committed together was caused by the fact that he constantly craved his father’s approval.

When Nadia and Nesreen reached a certain age, they had an option. Ali would either force them into marriage and send them to Jordan, or if they attended the same classes, he would let them continue their education. Nesreen and Nadia, therefore, began their college careers at the University of Texas together. Although one might assume that because they were at college now, they had some kind of freedom, this was not the case. Ali only approved of a select selection of their friends, all of whom were Muslims, and he wanted them to return home immediately after class.

This shows that Ali was a religious guy who studied his faith excessively, and according to Nasim Irsan, Ali thought that anyone who was not Muslim was not a worthy person. The girls were forbidden from dating anybody who practiced a different religion. However, Nesreen began a covert relationship with a Christian guy named Coty Beavers. Ali learned about it after they had been dating for a year. Nesreen was finally imprisoned in a room and forbidden from dating Coty.

Nadia and Nesreen had already made friends and been to other countries by the time all of this occurred. They were aware of their rights and desired protection for those rights. The Irsan family’s situation worsened after Nesreen left their home one day through a window. In fact, Nesreen changed her religion to Christianity after marrying her lover Coty.

Ali Irsan wanted to get revenge on Nesreen’s friends. He thought Gelareh Bagherzadeh, Nesreen’s friend, had helped her get away. He was furious and desired to murder Gelareh. He quickly began following Gelareh while bringing Nasim Irsan with him. They even each purchased a car navigation system.

Gelareh was shot twice one night when she was in her car. There were zero leads over the first 10 months. At the time of her death, Gelareh was 30 years old and an active human rights advocate. Her murder sparked a massive media circus where several ideas were displayed. One of the possibilities was that she was killed by the Iranian government as a result of her activism.

A few months later, there was another murder with no leads. Coty, Nesreen’s husband, had been shot. Now, Nesreen is connected to two murders. Coty was Nesreen’s husband, and Gelareh was her best friend. A murder occurs in a safe area, which makes it a major matter, and that was the case for Gelareh’s community. The FBI became engaged in Gelareh’s case after Coty was killed, which is what happened in Gelareh’s case.

The authorized special agent in this investigation was Carlos Acosta. Nesreen told the authorities that her father, Ali, was responsible for both killings when he immediately interrogated her. When the authorities investigated Ali’s home, they discovered weapons and GPS systems. These facts were sufficient to convince the court that Ali was responsible for the two killings. When Ali was the sole person in custody initially, the jury decided to execute him because this was capital murder.

The FBI learned that even Nasim was participating during one of his calls with him. Nasim Irsan admitted to being a bad guy to his father. He was later taken to court, where he submitted a plea of guilty to capital murder. He was spared the death penalty, nevertheless, since he admitted that his father was the driving force behind the two murders. As of today, Nasim Irsan is at the John B. Connally Unit, a maximum-security prison for males in Karnes County, and is eligible for release in 2035, but Ali is still on death row.

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